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29 Aug

My last cine-weekend: Josh & Aashiqui 2

 I can’t say I was terribly convinced that I would like Josh. Barring the patriotic stirrings that we’re always ready to succumb to, I presumed that it would be, well…boring. But it was pleasantly and refreshingly engaging. Despite being shot (a problem that new Pakistani film makers will overcome with time) more like a tele-film than a feature film, Josh does was no big budget Hollywood or Bollywood production can do. It brings an authentic bit of Pakistan to the cinema. And eager to give in to patriotic stirrings, one is only too proud to relate to the language, the landscape, the characters and the nuances that are all purely ours. Unfortunately, many of them like the feudalism, crime and corruption,...
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25 Aug

Veet Celebrates Beauty, but keeps it skin deep

The evening's hosts, Aamina Sheikh and Azfar Rehman, who looked better than their scripts sounded. Aamina Sheikh, Mehwish Hayat, Humaima Malik, Cyra Yousuf, Amna Ilyas, Saima Azhar, Mahnoor Baloch and several other fashion and television starlets were flaunted at the seventh Veet Celebration of Beauty held at the Expo Centre in Karachi last night. Needless to say, the event was quite easy on the eyes. Mahwish Hayat opened the VINTAGE segment with a performance set to an adaptation of Nur Jehan's 'Mehki Fizain'. The look and feel of the event was elegant and impressive. The lounge, upon entrance, had a chic pink ambience and a clean, uncluttered red carpet. Even the stage was aesthetically appealing...
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5 Aug

Cine Sunday: Wolverine and Waar hype

I have decided to dedicate Sundays to the cinema. Not just because it reads as an alliteration but because Sundays are the only day I get to indulge in my other love: movies. And so after cinematic abstinence during my 6 week zen holiday in China, I was all too eager to book myself some seats. The only film worth watching was Wolverine and so The Wolverine it was. That's one good enough reason to watch the film, in the cinema, in 3D. I love superheroes and more so, mutants. They stand out and so The Wolverine, despite spoilers and warnings, was an engaging watch. For one, Hugh Jackman is worth the watch, barring that epic disaster called...
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22 Jul

Ronak Lakhani the face of Sania Maskatiya this Eid

EID REVIEW 2 Ramazan and Eid is ideally about generosity and philanthropy so who better to step into the Sania Maskatiya 2013 Eid Collection than social icon Ronak Lakhani, who has a deep rooted commitment to the Special Olympics amongst other causes. Ronak Lakhani is the face of Sania Maskatiya's Irtiqa (Evolution) this Eid. This designer is in constant competition with herself! Sania’s collections (especially her Eid collections) are always worth looking out for; I do remember her ode to Turkish Islamic Art last year. The Lokum collection was an absolute winner and I have no doubt that Irtiqa, this Eid, will be just as impressive. I haven’t seen the entire collection yet but I do know that it’s...
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27 Jun

The new music sensational…Eye to Eye

Today, I’m hooked to Taher Shah’s Eye to Eye. I mean, how could God give one man so much: his looks, talent, vocals and hell, those mesmerizing eyes just leave you speechless. It’s just as well that he doesn’t need or want a woman (as he obviously is happy with himself) because what woman could resist those spectrum eyes? I just feel bad for women in general and for Michael Bolton who probably wishes he had sung this while he was wasting time on ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You’. And shame on Ahmed Jehanzeb (‘Kaho Ek Din’ fame) who had Taher Shah’s looks (almost) but not his charisma. http:// Taher Shah is a mystery. I mean, how did one...
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13 Jun

A recap of my life…as a fashion journalist

I'm writing this to inspire girls and boys with a love for writing, a nose for journalism and  a passion for fashion to take up careers in fashion journalism. It's something the industry desperately needs and while we have ample bloggers (digital is the future, right?) we also need dedicated souls who want to train for the job, write for publications, follow and understand the ethics of journalism BEFORE becoming publishers of their own sites. (L-R) Muniba Kamal, me, Zurain Imam, Sadaf Malaterre (who found the journalists table more fun to be at), Andleeb Rana and Faisal Quraishi...
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9 Jun

YJHD: Call of the Wild

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani takes an age-old formula and packages it in bright and vibrant colours. (Published in Dawn Images, June 9 2013) There is no grey in this blend of merry colour. It’s the kind of kaleidoscope that bedazzles you with eye-candy, uncontrollable dance music and tongue-in-cheek, tickling humour. There really is no grey in this merry berry smoothie of sorts, no grey matter either. But while there’s no need for intellect in this genre of feel good cinema, one does walk away wishing for a little originality. One irresistible wild child for a hero, a bookish and bespectacled (yet perfectly proportionate) nerd for a heroine, a journey that binds four friends together and then life that pulls them apart. From fashionable...
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