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12 Dec

Building bridges with bridal couture

Shamaeel and Nomi Ansari showcase their Fall 2011 collections to celebrate UAE’s 40th Independence Day Anniversary in Karachi Nadia Hussain models a Nomi Ansari bridal (Published on Sunday, December 11 2011) On the surface, a celebration for UAE’s 40th Independence Day anniversary in Karachi appeared to be nothing more than a diplomatic exercise and it primarily was just that. Celebrated over a gala evening of songs by Strings and dances by regional troupes along with some very high-end fashion by Shamaeel and Nomi Ansari, the evening served as an effective measure to strengthen the relationship between both countries. Representation from the UAE came with Rabia Z, the Emirati designer who showcased her Spring/Summer 2012 Mukhawara Collection. Fashion held the evening...
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5 Dec

So who’s showing at the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week?

Ali Xeeshan is one of the names to look forward to at the upcoming PLBW. It is quite a mouthful, I agree. But the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week will launch as Pakistan's first council-endorsed therefore credible bridal fashion week in Pakistan. The implications of this title are huge, given that bridals constitute the most lucrative segment of Pakistan's fashion industry. To a Pakistani designer, bridals are what oil is to the Arabs. Bridals lubricate fashion's finances, if not trends and we are about to see them recognized and regularized at PLBW (that's my self coined hashtag for the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week until Lotus comes up with a better abbreviation). Other than pump up the purse,...
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30 Nov

Are you addicted to Humsafar too?

Mahira, Fawad and Naveen in Humsafar It took me a total of ten minutes to get addicted to Humsafar. And since I don't get the time to watch too much telly, the episode I caught was 9, right before the rain scene. I missed Saturday night's episode too so spent last night watching all ten episodes on YouTube. It was a romantic fix, nothing less, and one that continued till 3 am nonstop. God bless my internet connection. I have not read the novel by Farhat Ishtiaq but realize what makes Humsafar, the TV adaptation so addictive. 1. The perfect casting: Mahira has the loveliness and innocence to pull off the character of Khirad. Fawad as Asher has the looks...
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30 Nov

Why the show must go on!

(Published in the October 2011 issue of Herald) 2007: Aaminah Haq and Atif Aslam performed to a frantic audience in Malaysia. The Lux Style Awards celebrate their tenth anniversary amidst national crises and raised eyebrows. Can the annual event survive this inhospitable climate? Here’s why it’s so important that it does… Take a minute to imagine how it was back in 2007. A special plane to Kuala Lumpur was chartered by Unilever to fly over 200 people who couldn’t be accommodated in regular flights. These 200 people were a heady mix of celebrities, musicians, fashion designers, models and the regular swarm of journalists whipping up every possible story. Pop band Raeth serenaded ‘pilgrims’ through the flight all night while...
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12 Nov

Mahira sparks up Labels

Multi-label boutique Labels collaborated with five of its high value designers to execute this shoot for the paramount 500th issue of Sunday magazine. Quite an achievement that Sunday - which under the shadow of STS had placed a ban on Labels - should award this anniversary issue to Zahir. But then Sheherbano Taseer is a breed apart and a gene pool above. She makes Pakistan proud, unlike her step sister. Anyway, back to fashion and this fabulous shoot. Planned at the picturesque Port Grande, the savvy new waterside food street in Karachi that would remind one of Singapore's Clark Quay if it could whip up a club scene, the shoot was coordinated and styled by Maha Burney and her artistic husband...
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9 Nov

Game.On for Ra.One

With Ra.One, Shah Rukh Khan creates a fabulous new fusion of high-tech cinema for Bollywood. “When did kings ever have to redeem themselves? It’s the upstarts who will always have to fight for the crown.” That’s just one of the many opinions that floated around on Twitter while Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One was releasing in India and simultaneously in Pakistan. Social networks were buzzing with opinions, some good and mostly bad. Even though people (fans and critics alike) were clamoring for tickets in Karachi, they were unsure of what to expect. Honestly speaking, most of them had prepared themselves to hate whatever Ra.One had to offer. But there was an incredible amount of curiosity as to what the film was all about. Would...
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24 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Three

Adnan Pardesy took muslin and made magic [youtube=] Adnan Pardesy:the AIFD graduate who can easily be labeled as fashion’s new King of Couture created a dream out of muslin. Adnan’s philosophy is to showcase couture that can be diffused into ready to wear and if I weren’t wearing a diffused piece, I may have never understood how. Every piece in this fabulous colour blocked collection had condensed yard upon yard of fabric to create the three dimensional detailing that the designer is known for. Adnan certainly is a fashion force to look out for! PIFD graduate Batur's brave collection took a departure from folklore Batur: PIFD graduate Batur’s rebellious aesthetic may not go down well with...
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23 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Two

[youtube=] The second day of the fourth chapter of PSFW was higher on energy and buzz. The Sunsilk lounge was bustling with fashionistas and I must add that it was a great idea to offer picture souvenirs to those who were photographed against what I like to call the 'Wall of Fame'. Nickie Nina's underwater collection  Nickie Nina: Act One opened with an underwater collection by Nickie Nina. It was a departure from the luxury couture that they usually create and some of the pieces were struggling to stay afloat. That said, it was encouraging to see the design duo experiment with their work. NN have a huge following in Lahore and any influence they can have on getting...
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21 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day One

Fashion week took off on a dignified, progressive note where the fashion was concerned. Akif's finale, a tribute to the basant festival Maria B: This has got to be Maria's best collection so far. It was commercially safe and a bit limited in lower options but the sleek tunics more than made up. Hemlines went up a bit, came into asymmetrical lines and shapes remained loose and practical. Zonia: The young PIFD student showcased an extended version of her graduate collection. Well detailed and fluid in colours. Zaheer Abbas: Certainly an evolved collection, this homage to Roman statues had movement and fluidity. Embellishment was retrained and ornamental, whereas the choice of fabric and colour palette is where the designer played...
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