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12 Aug

Can actors and item girls go hand in hand?

(Published Sunday August 12, 2012) [youtube=]  Believe it or not Vyjyanthimala is considered Hindi cinema’s first heroine to record an item number in the 1954 hit film Nagin. ‘Man Dole Mera Tan Dole’ goes down in history for its mesmerizing nagin (snake) dance that surpassed the popularity of the film itself. Fast-forward half a century and you have Katrina Kaif gyrating to the beats of ‘Sheila’ and ‘Chikni Chameli’. In fact, you have every viable heroine, from Aishwarya Rai to Kareena Kapoor, eyeing an item number to complete her celebrity star status. What’s the phenomenon all about? Very simply put, it’s about creating some sizzle to sell the film. An item number can be as simple as a guest appearance that serves as an...
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4 Aug

An ensemble of high fashion

I was almost not going but I'm delighted that I did because not only would I have missed the fabulous new collections at Ensemble but I would also have missed the biggest confessional by Mohsin Sayeed. More on that later. I have to do justice to the fashion first although I'm sure you're all itching to hear how he stole 40 lakhs from his brother, failed in slow poisoning him (remember when Umar was in the hospital), stole patterns from the Psycho line (couldn't resist the dig) and more. All that later, in the next post. Nadia Hussain looking gorgeously in shape and merely ten pounds away from her pre-baby weight. She'll be back on the catwalk...
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3 Aug

Debenhams opens ‘officially’ in Karachi

Retail is on a roll these days and that was apparent (more than ever) at the Dolmen Mall on Karachi's breezy and cool harbor front mall this evening. Yes, Lahore can envy the weather! And even more to envy would be the fact that Debenhams opened it's sixty-something store internationally, here in Karachi, causing a feeding frenzy for the city's affluent shopaholics. People need places to go in order to dress up and it appeared that the British departmental store - brought to Pakistan by Yasin Paracha of Team A Ventures - inspired people enough to dress up. There was a mad rush of fashion's favourite characters, many of whom have been holidaying throughout the summer and found this a great...
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31 Jul

A fresh restart, for me and fashion too!

I dream of Phuket: Sanam Chaudhri's coconut white collection is a dream of tropical textures. Summer's officially over, in Karachi at least. For me the biggest joy is packing the boys off to school so I have the best part of the day to myself. They sleep early for school, so I have the best part of the night to myself too. I love school and I love new beginnings. It's grade 9 for my elder son, grade 5 for the younger one and a whole new range of possibilities (fashionable of course) for me to explore! The choices in eid clothing are exciting me this year because there is so much ready to wear retail, and that...
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17 Jul

Keyhole into the LSA backstage

Meera sliced several years off her age with this youthful Sadaf Malaterre dress whereas the pleats lent Sana some Grecian wisdom.. That said, both dresses were far from an exclusive look for the LSA red carpet. New fashion model Sam was looking better than ever in this black and white backless number. Rabia Butt's been affected by Fahad Hussain's macabre sensibility as she opted for a dark, Gothic look. Bilal Khan looking dapper in Republic, which was the most popular men's wear label at the LSAs this year. Beauty and brains: Nabila styled the LSA stars this year while Frieha Altaf worked hard towards...
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14 Jul

Random fun at the LSAs!

I don't have too many pictures to share and so I'm kind of waiting for my friends to update my stock. But if you've read my story on then you'll have gauged that it was a good show and a great evening, with minor flaws that are almost negligible. That said, the red or rather green carpet was too congested and poorly planned. It was impossible to see the stars make a grand entrance and I only got a whiff of the following...
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13 Jul

Ahmed Rushdi tribute at the LSAs 2012

[youtube=] The tribute had several young vocalists - Bilal Khan, Amanat Ali, Ahmad Jehanzeb and Junaid Khan alongwith female vocals lent by the very melodious Sara Reza who's touted to be the next Naheed Akhtar. And the songs were brought to life further by Meera, Faisal Qureshi, Sana, Mathira, Junaid Khan, Sam and the entourage of dancers! [youtube=] Mathira and Junaid Khan in action. watch?v=3k7FTR6r-hg&list=UU4oUXt2Hnhyr3N5jLf40q5A&index=1&feature=plcp...
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13 Jul

How Ali Z’s LSA finale began…

[youtube=] Ali Zafar's finale has got to be one of the most memorable in all eleven years of LSA history. He started with Jhoom and ended with Madhubala, passing through Woh Dekhnay Mein and London Paris New York. Humaima Malik may not have been Aditi Rao or Katrina Kaif (there were rumours that she was in town for the show) but she did the job just fine! [youtube=]...
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