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3 Jun

Hannibal: Food for Thought?

I'm having an off-phase for fashion these days; I guess summer vacations are around the bend and the mind has started wandering already. However, it is kind of fixated on television series, especially the dark and disturbing kind. And if I (previously) thought Game of Thrones was too grey and graphic then Hannibal (my new obsession these days) makes GoT look like Gossip Girl. Not really, but you know what I mean. Mads Mikkelsen is the invasive cannibal psychiatrist. So what is it about Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic psychiatrist, that is so riveting? I'm not up to speed on all the episodes but I already know that it's his charming mannerism, his insight and perception and his extraordinarily...
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27 May

Movie Marathon 3: ‘Behadd’ ho gayi, I Reluctantly confess!

I love how my life transitioned from fashion to movies this weekend. Friday was a flight of fantasy with Iron Man 3. Saturday sketched the limits of endless love in Asim Raza's Behadd and then on Sunday (today) The Reluctant Fundamentalist injected a very intense and thought-provoking dose of unpleasant reality. Mira Nair's adaptation of Mohsin Hamid's novel was gripping, moving and too close for comfort real. By the end of TRF I saw myself wishing for some of the escape and fantasy that Hollywood and Bollywood usually have to offer. This is where The Great Gatsby and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani come in handy. I suspect the next weekend will be lighter and more entertaining. Until then, here's what I...
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26 May

Behadd: Endless, starting now!

You can call it Fawad Khan's Behadd, Momina Duraid's Behadd, Nadia Jamil's or even Umera Ahmad's but to me this is very much and only Asim Raza's Behadd. As director of this tele film (that is scheduled to telecast on Hum TV on June 1) it is his passion that we see on the screen, his vision for this human story that holds you hostage and rivets you till the very end. Constructed like a telefilm, Asim jumped from the advertisements he brilliantly directs to television drama and I do think this is his stepping stone on which he will take the leap for cinema from. Director Asim Raza with Atif Aslam, who flew in from Lahore to...
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22 May

FDA: Fashion Daily Allowance for shopaholics

The joy of driving back home with a boot full of newly purchased merchandize is an immeasurable pleasure for the shopaholic. And you could diagnose me as one. That said, I try never to exceed the credit limit on my card and my delight is always multiplied when I stumble across great bargains. Those great bargains, in my opinion, come in stores that offer high style for a fraction of the cost. 1. Sana Safinaz Store x The Sana Safinaz store is one-must-stop at DMC, especially for those visiting Karachi. To get a well-style, trend pushing (short, smart as opposed to long and flared) tunic for Rs3500 is a smile but when that tunic comes with a Sana Safinaz label it's nothing short...
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15 May

LSA Fashion Nominations for 2012

The Lux Style Awards nominations for 2012 were released last evening and here's the list.  The award ceremony itself, a little bird tells me, will be held smack in the middle of the summer break and that too in Lahore. I won't be around but wish my very best to the nominees as well as everyone else who will be traveling to Lahore for the event, given the power failures. Haute or hot, the LSAs surely will be very hip and happening as always! Cybil charms in Elan, luxury pret for 2012 Model of the Year (Female)      Amna Ilyas Ayyan Cybil Chowdhry Mehreen Syed Rabia Butt My verdict: I think Cybil should win this category hands down. She looks stunning on the catwalk and...
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14 May

Of books and films on fashion

Maliha Rehman gets her copy of Tapulicious signed by Tapu. Fashion week and retail fatigue, elections and the aftermath of all things fashionable and political have kept me away from blogging these past few days. And they have been busy days, from the Lux Style Awards jury, the launch of Tapulicious 2 (which I enjoyed texting for Tapu immensely), Sania Maskatiya and Nida Azwer opening in Lahore and so much more that has transpired. I have also started working for a digital firm and hope to consult on an online magazine (fashion and beauty related, what else?) but more on that later. It's too early in its development stages to say anything about. Aqsa Junejo gets a soundbyte from Zeba Bakhtiar who...
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18 Mar

Aaney Wala April…1/4

Maheen Khan's high street label Gulabo was a treat to see in April for Spring/Summer 2012 but she didn't show in the Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week. A crazy busy month is coming up for fashion. April will be heavy on events if the political climate allows a clear security forecast. And I do hope the country remains stable irrespectively, for sanity’s sake more than anything else. These past two months have been an emotional roller coaster taking off from news channels and after two days of relative calm we witnessed bloodshed today in Peshawer and Karachi. But back to April, if things remain relatively sane on the security front then the calendar proposes a style-studded month featuring...
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17 Mar

Zindagi Gulzar Hai 16

The story in Zindagi Gulzar Hai is progressing at snail’s pace – I think everyone following it wants ‘the wedding’ to happen - however there are moments in every episode that make the speed acceptable. One can allow concessions in pace because the performances are great and the messages that lie between the lines are important and relevant to women in Pakistan today. In this episode that message points at social disparity and the importance of post, position and class when building relationships (Murtaza is inching his way into Rafia’s life because his daughters are all well-settled and successful) and in proposing new relationships. It’s Zaroon’s mother who brings out the status difference between both households and deems marriage between...
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3 Mar

Lend us a ‘foreign’ hand, will you?

We love to complain about ‘outside influences’ in our cinemas, our TV screens and our music but it’s high time to introspect and fix what’s wrong within. (Published in Dawn Images on Sunday, March 3 2013) The horror! The horror! The shock to see a well-known Indian face on a Pakistani billboard is absolutely scandalous. Reality check: these celebrity faces wouldn’t be so well-known if we, as a nation, weren’t so deliriously besotted with Bollywood! Indian films are released in our cinemas, Indian and Turkish TV serials are put up on our cable channels and Indian songs blare at our weddings where we dance the nights away with Radha, Munni, Sheila and Chikni Chameli. Then why the hue and cry over a...
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2 Mar

Zindagi Gulzar Hai 14

Sanam Saeed and I at Cafe 44, where I interviewed her for Herald recently. Photo: Mallika Abba Finally, an episode devoted purely to Kashaf-Zaroon interaction, with very little of their family woes as interruption. This episode took the story forward with a proposal that we could have guessed was coming. Where and who it would come from was a complete surprise though, and it took Kashaf by surprise as much as it did us. Meanwhile, the moral lesson of the story continued to interweave itself through the drama. Posted in Badin, Kashaf is well endorsed with a lifestyle that she could only have hoped for a year ago. We remember the times when she would walk miles to...
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