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27 Apr

Ayesha Toor and her dark, white streak

Wild streaks: whether her white streak is natural or tapered, Ayesha Toor's style is for real. Ayesha Toor has never really been accepted as a fashion model - which btw is a compliment considering she has more character than conventional pretty looks imperative to bridal shoots - but this girl has a fabulous sense of style which comes naturally to her. Caught here at the exhibition 'Lyrical Movement' at Photospace Gallery (displaying the work of Nubain Ali, Ayaz Anis and Kohi Marri, which I will discuss later for style comes first!), she sported a very Cruella De-Villish white streak in her hair which stood out like an applique of snakeskin on a kid leather bag. It had...
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22 Apr

In response to Sabs’ objections

I heard that Moiz Kazmi (you may be wondering who?) in his new venture, Fashion Bites (you may be wondering what?) put my name on the cover of his latest issue in a question Saba Ansari of Sabs had posed to me. It was something to the effect of "Why didn't Aamna Haider Isani object when Nabila was styling the Lux Style Awards year after year?" I don't subscribe to FB and have not read what it exactly said (also because it wasn’t available on my news stand) but from what my sources conveyed, it was something to the effect of Saba taking offence to something I had said. She objected to my disapproval of fashion weeks appointing no one else...
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5 Apr

Shoania: A match fixed in headline heaven

  The Indian take: Sania Mirza…of course, what else did you expect from her. Yeh toh hona tha, after all she is Muslim before being Indian. She did refuse to play doubles with the Israeli Shahar Pe’er in 2006 and she was photographed sitting with her feet up towards the Indian flag. She even faced possible persecution by the Indian Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act. We think she should give back her Padma Shri and Arjuna Awards. Let Pakistan give her the Pride of Performance for marrying Shoaib Malik. We’d love to hear the Pakistani Taliban’s take on her skirts! The Pakistani take: Sania Mirza…of course, what else did you expect from Shoaib Malik who was desperate to marry an...
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24 Mar

Babe Watch

March 24, 2010 As promised last week, here’s a round up of models – old and new – that I’ve been observing on fashion week catwalks of recent. Some of these girls redefine the very term ‘fashionably feline’ whereas others belong to the variety that I wish was now extinct! Rabia Butt wears Kamiar Rokni at the TRC/Ensemble show Who are Pakistan’s best models these days, you must be wondering, and after seeing so many of them up close, walking by on fashion week catwalks, I have a concrete answer! Rabia Butt, Fayeza Ansari and Neha Ahmad have what it takes and here’s why...
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16 Mar

On the prowl!

How many fashion models are catwalking into television, consequently stripping fashion of its glamorous mystique! When I sit at a fashion show I do not see ‘models strutting their stuff down the ramp’ as so many people like to call it. I see rows of disgruntled daughters-in-law, rebellious siblings, abused wives, estranged lovers and in some unfortunate instances even housemaids, helpers and domestic staff. Such is the line up of Pakistani fashion models. Most of them are all these characters because thanks to their greater involvement in television serials, they are acknowledged by their acting profile rather than their modeling. Almost every fashion model, with the exception of a handful, has stuck her finger in too many pies. The result is...
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