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27 Apr

The Talented Mr Javeri

Wanted: one KaraCHAKRA bag! I'm really disappointed in Tapu Javeri. I mean why would anyone in their right frame of mind do this to women who are already suffering under the weight of inflation, national insecurity, heat and other problems. But it just shows the apathetic and insensitive nature of Mr Javeri that he would go and launch a limited edition of KaraChakra bags that are to die for. OH isn't that peachy: another thing to die for! The bags feature psychadelic imagery of Karachi: you can pick out landmarks like Frere Hall, Empress Market, Tower, The Habib Bank building as well as camels on SeaView/Clifton beach etc. NOW is when someone has finally started looking into the beauty of the city...
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26 Mar

Hilary Alexander, value addition to the upcoming fashion week

As far as memory serves me, fashion commentator Hilary Alexander was first scheduled to come to Pakistan for the original Pakistan Fashion Week, planned and panned back in 2007. PFW, a Jang Group project for which IMG was roped in, never materialized but the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (one of the country's TWO fashion councils) has managed to invite her for their event next week. Alexander will no doubt bring extensive experience and value to PFDC's table. Hopefully they’ll be listening to it all. Hilary Alexander won the British Fashion Journalist of the Year award in 1998, then again in 2003. This year the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) will be conferring the Eugenia Shepphard award for media to her....
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24 Mar

Strike a deal, there’s nothing to it!

Fashion has historically collaborated with popular artistes, striking deals that have benefitted both, but in Pakistan this equation is a little too complicated for credit. (Dawn Images, June 6 2010) Pop icon Ali Zafar poses for the SS 2011 Stoneage campaign We all love to talk about fashion but in reality, fashion exists in an elitist bubble that not many of us are privy to, especially not in Pakistan where the fashionable middle class is stripped to a minority. Fashion designers are still catering largely to the slim margin of elite society that can afford to splurge thousands on clothes. And there are only a few designers who are taking the leap of faith and jumping out of the...
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9 Mar

Is Sushmita in town again?

Seven years ago Sushmita Sen came to Pakistan, Karachi to be specific, for the very first time. She was here with Saif Ali Khan and Malaika Khan, accompanied by a professional Indian dance troupe. They were all here for a concert/extravaganza held at the far out locale of the Arabian Country Club. The security situation was better back then and so were the roads and the late drive out and back to such a distant venue didn’t appear all that far fetched. Anyway, bottom line is that while Saif serenaded with his guitar and Malaika grooved to popular beats, Sushmita wowed Karachi by interacting with the crowd and narrating Urdu poetry much to the delight of everyone. She was a...
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1 Mar

With Jhoom, Channo can finally Rest In Peace

It has been long overdue but Ali Zafar’s fans can finally stop calling him “Channo Boy” now that his Huqa Paani and Masty days are over. An era of bubble gum pop is blowing away with drastic winds of change. These winds have brought Ali new horizons and escalated heights of stardom, making this boy from Lahore a man of the world. And the genre of music he was known for has been popped, overwritten and replaced by a much more mature sound that comes as an ode to self-discovery rather than an urge to please teeny-bopper fans. Reading between the lyrics of this twelve track album, one senses the nomad in Ali Zafar overshadow the urban, city slicker. And it’s...
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19 Feb

The curious case of Meera

(Published Sunday, 24 Jan, 2010)  Meera talks in a language better known as scandal. Almost everything she says turns into controversy and it’s one of those controversies that she’s been embroiled in recently that has her emphasising the word Miss. In plain words, she insists she was never married to the man called Ateequr Rahman and the allegations that he slapped upon her were false and baseless. It’s still Miss as far as Meera is concerned though she is quick to exclaim that marriage is not the most important thing in her life and she had rather put this entire fiasco behind her. “I just spent two months vacationing in Canada, trying to cleanse my system of all this filth,” she says....
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18 Feb

“I’m a magician. I can do anything.” – Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is impossible to ignore if you’re in Mumbai. He stares down from every second giant billboard, his piercing green eyes convincing you to subscribe to Airtel or wear Provogue. He is by no means Bollywood’s biggest star but he is one of the most visible, and that vision of him is one that his fans awe at. When he walks into the India Couture Week lounge, he isn’t surrounded by bodyguards but spotlights, cameramen calling out his name and nickname in hope for that one exclusive shot that will make it to the front page the next day. He stops and talks to everyone, unperturbed by neither the crowd nor the hysteria. It’s obvious that while many other...
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7 Feb

HDIL India Couture Week 2009, in brief

A svelte Sridevi is celebrity model for jewelry designer Queenie. Exciting finale acts, it must be said, are vital for couture shows. Seen here is a completely made-over Sridevi walking for her friend and jewelry designer Queenie Singh. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan for Manish Malhotra. I needn't say more. Celebrities are a vital part of any fashion week. I met dozens at ICW; seen ahead are Hrithik Roshan, Imran Khan, Neha Dhupia. Kareena walked the finale for Manish Malhotra though Saif and Kareena were out of bounds for conversation with anyone but Karan Johar. KJo, btw, hosts ‘Kouture with Karan’ especially for NDTV at ICW. Ranbir Kapoor, walking the ramp another day for...
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5 Feb

The Mirror Is Watching

PAKISTAN: FILM SRK’s position on IPL and defence of Islam in MNIK has made him an icon in Pakistan (Published in Outlook India, March 20, 2010) Inside Nishat theatre, one of Karachi’s very oldest, on the first-day-first-show of My Name is Khan, the atmosphere is electric. Ten minutes into the film, as soon as Shahrukh Khan speaks those now-famous lines, “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”, the clapping and cheering begins. And it doesn’t stop. Every gesture by Shahrukh’s character, Rizwan, unselfconsciously affirming his Muslim identity on American soil, whether it’s his habit of always saying salaam, rather than the more neutral “hi” or “hello”, praying in public or reciting verses from the Quran identifying Islam as a religion...
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