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29 Nov

Munni, Sheila on the wall, Who’s the hottest babe of all?

Munni picks up from where Beedi left If there’s a debate hotter than which council hosts the better fashion week in Pakistan, then it’s who rocks the dance floor better in Bollywood…Munni or Sheila? Munni of course being the uber-popular Malaika Arora from ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ and Sheila being Katrina Kaif, cast in entirely new skin (or body) in ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ from the upcoming Tees Maar Khan. There has never been a better ‘teaser’ in recent film history! Munni became an overnight hit when Salman Khan’s Dabangg released to a full house and was declared one of the biggest blockbusters earlier this year. Munni became a mantra but then Sheila became every man’s dream one-night stand when she was hit...
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21 Nov

Fashion week’s most fabulous

(Dawn Images, Nov 21 2010) The PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week edited the shows to half their original number this season, a delightful decision, which was appreciated and approved by all. And although some designers will remain jaded in their design approach, Pakistani fashion today is all about new stars that shine with the promise of a very bright future for the industry. Here are eight of fashion week’s best, each of which have a responsibility to justify their approval by way of making these collections widely available, accessible and affordable! Best Collection of the week: The House of Kamiar Rokni Folkistan, from the House of Kamiar Rokni, was a visual smorgasbord of everything associated with Pakistan from voyeuristic parrots, evil eyes,...
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7 Nov

Saving grace and salvation

(Dawn Images, Nov 7, 2010) The ninth Lux Style Awards tone down to a black tie affair but leave an after taste of optimism for bigger shows to come! Not even the wisp of smoke that rose from Adnan Siddiqui’s cigarette (triggering off an angry sprinkler on the red carpet) could put a dampener on the evening. It was quite the highlight to see coiffed-up celebrities run for cover when the downpour began. And the makeshift red-carpet-camp-out in the green room was hardly adequate but it was taken in good stride. Winners will acclaim and losers will always complain but the beauty of the evening was that an overall aura of support and good faith was maintained. That is what was important. The...
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3 Nov

When in Mumbai, do as Bollywood!

(Dawn, October 31 2010) Compact and delightfully well organized, the HDIL India Couture Week would have been the ideal model for Pakistan’s fashion weeks to begin with. The Grand Hyatt in Santacruz Mumbai, where HDIL India Couture Week is hosted every year, started coming alive a day before the shows were to commence. Lobbies were taken over by leggy models that charmed the otherwise corporate corridors while a flurry of overanxious organizers fluttered around like busy bees. Fashionistas clicked around in ridiculously high heels (and just as high skirts) and the cafes crawled with the fast and fashionable pecking at bits of lettuce and fresh fruit. From luxury cars glistening outside (meaning that a Bollywood star had arrived) to bell-boys wheeling clothes...
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9 Oct

Couture week is a Bollywood playground

Here's a very small peek into Couture Week in India. I know there's much more to report but it'll take time! The buzz here at the Grand Hyatt has been incredible for the past two days. Hundreds of ushers, helpers and organizers scurry here and there all day, just to ensure that the two daily shows breeze through without a hitch. They have to, because the runway as well as front rows play host to Bollywood royalty. So far I have seen Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Jaya Bachchan, Sonam and Anil Kapoor (who btw is an absolute hunk and much much more dignified and desirable than Big B), Amitabh, the Khans including Shah Rukh, Saif as well as Kareena, Karisma (looking...
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22 Aug

Bollywood gets ‘Austentatious’ with Aisha

(Dawn Images, Aug 22, 2010) You walk into the cinema expecting an Indian version of Emma, treated with Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Clueless and even Friends rolled into one. At least that’s what the trailers promised. What you walk out with is a sequel to Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice. Only worse. You walk out feeling sorry for Jane Austen. Aisha is Jane Austen’s Emma, only set in twenty first century India. She is characterized as a high society ‘smart’ dumb blond (whatever that is) whose one aim in life is matchmaking. Her life revolves around parties, camping, fashion and the whole glamorama that Hollywood perfected fifty years ago. But Aisha doesn’t cut the mustard because...
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8 Jun

Fashion’s ‘bipolar’ express!

(Instep, June 8, 2010) We’re a queer lot of people. Confused. In fact we’re almost messed up as a nation. And that’s reflected most ostensibly in the way we dress. Ronak Lakhani and Faiza Samee enjoy their shirts free and flowing while Frieha Altaf, in a shape-up mission decides to embrace glamour with this Shehla Chatoor black satin number, not for the faint hearted. Consider this: one little step outside the house will determine that it’s hot; summers are weighing heavily upon us. The mercury is rising to unbearable levels (despite the rain) and at least in Karachi, the humidity is bad enough to send the asthmatic into intensive care. Take a couple more steps out onto the streets...
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27 Apr

Ayesha Toor and her dark, white streak

Wild streaks: whether her white streak is natural or tapered, Ayesha Toor's style is for real. Ayesha Toor has never really been accepted as a fashion model - which btw is a compliment considering she has more character than conventional pretty looks imperative to bridal shoots - but this girl has a fabulous sense of style which comes naturally to her. Caught here at the exhibition 'Lyrical Movement' at Photospace Gallery (displaying the work of Nubain Ali, Ayaz Anis and Kohi Marri, which I will discuss later for style comes first!), she sported a very Cruella De-Villish white streak in her hair which stood out like an applique of snakeskin on a kid leather bag. It had...
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22 Apr

In response to Sabs’ objections

I heard that Moiz Kazmi (you may be wondering who?) in his new venture, Fashion Bites (you may be wondering what?) put my name on the cover of his latest issue in a question Saba Ansari of Sabs had posed to me. It was something to the effect of "Why didn't Aamna Haider Isani object when Nabila was styling the Lux Style Awards year after year?" I don't subscribe to FB and have not read what it exactly said (also because it wasn’t available on my news stand) but from what my sources conveyed, it was something to the effect of Saba taking offence to something I had said. She objected to my disapproval of fashion weeks appointing no one else...
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