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28 Aug

Punjab Nahi Jaungi’s song ‘Raunaq-e-Aashiqui’ is all about old school romance in the rain!

We have another song out from the seemingly-promising film, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, which is all set to hit the Pakistani screens on Eid-ul-Azha. 'Raunaq-e-Aashiqui', which is composed by Shiraz Uppal and Nirmal Roy, tinges at some forgotten, forlorn facet in your heart that reminds one of their love for the rain and the old-school romance, it fetches. We have Mehwish Hayat dressed in a blood-red dress, making an unrestrained play with the downpour that frames the scenes. The visuals are evocative of all the times Madhuri Dixit in her timeless youth, pranced and sashayed for us in her rain-decked lovely songs. 'Raunaq-e-Aashiqui'  has a sublime nostalgic hint to it; so if you have a love one far away, brace yourself for all the overpowering feel...
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