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31 Jul

Finding Pokemons on the LSA16 red carpet!

We were not looking for the best or worst dressed celebrities at the Lux Style Awards this year; we started looking for Pokemons once Tapu Javeri tipped us off that the Expo Centre were crawling with them. And boy did we catch them all over the place! Some were dashing and heroic, some were glamorous and sexy, some were curiously creative and others were downright unsightly. We'll leave the judgement for you! Fawad Khan Pokemon name: Arcanine This one is known for having incredibly good looks and moves as if it's flying. Fawad is now a legendary Pokemon that boasts a regal and proud appearance. We loved Fawad's choice of wardrobe - Republic by Omar Farooq as always - and he was one of the most...
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26 Jul

Everything you need to know about LSA16

Okay, so maybe not everything but enough to get you excited. The country’s most credible, most consistent and most eagerly anticipated awards are just around the corner and they promise to be a big, big show. To think that a show this big could continue without controversy would be extremely naïve and so locked, stocked and ready with its share of chin-wagging, the event is ready to roll louder than ever before. Here are a couple of things you should chalk up as vital info on the program… It’s the LSAs 15th anniversary! The Lux Style Awards has the honour of being the only award show - celebrating excellence in entertainment, music and fashion in Pakistan – that has shown the consistency of...
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26 Jul

Introducing The Khawatoons

What an incredible adrenaline rush it was to see The Khawatoons, Pakistan's first all women comedy troupe, performing their first show in Karachi. An area of our society that is considered predominantly a male area of expertise; it is refreshing to see women foray into the field of comedy as well. Perhaps the most well known name in this troupe, also the fine lady who brought all these brave and talented women together, is Faiza Saleem, a name we're seeing a lot lately, thankfully. A lawyer turned comedian, Faiza is also accredited with putting together the recently held 'Auratnaak Show' that boasted a line of female stand-up comedians, another first in Pakistan. The show started off with Jibran Nasir, lawyer and political...
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24 Jul

Teri Meri Love Story: Another bad copy of Bollywood?

The film industry keeps telling us journalists and bloggers to give them some time because they are still learning, but when you see the trailer of the film Teri Meri Love Story you can't help but ask the question: Is Bollywood their teacher? Not that there's anything wrong with being influenced or inspired by another form of cinema, but can't we try to learn from someone better?   TMLS is a comedy/action flick revolving around three characters, where the girl wants to marry her boyfriend but her father is making her marry someone else. But this story is not made clear in the trailer; perhaps the filmmakers decided to leave some mystery, since the story is hardly anything original. Which brings us to...
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21 Jul

Sounds of Kolachi brings the music world together!

This is what happens when some of the biggest names in music come together! This is an experiment that Ahsan Bari wasn't sure about in the beginning, but him, and other like minded individuals of the music fraternity, decided to try something new, resulting in 4 hours of non-stop electronic fusion music. Electro Symphony recently took place at the Regent Plaza, an unconventional venue for a concert. But then again, this was an unconventional concert to begin with. The name 'Electro Symphony' can shed some light on what the concert was all about. The organizers of this show, the Tribal Media Group, decided to create a new kind of electronica fusion music, which is why the two different genres came together and could...
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13 Jul

Can Coke Studio surprise us anymore?

Eight seasons in, can Coke Studio surprise us anymore? That's a question that can arise in one's mind when a show or series has been around for this long; 8 years and 8 seasons in Coke Studio's case. Coke Studio has been around for quite some time and thankfully, it has been doing a good job, discounting a few glitches here and there. However, it has been criticised for being repetitive or redundant, with many fans claiming that it was losing its steam by not thinking out of the box. But then a question begs to be asked: does Coke Studio even need to change things? The people at Coke Studio obviously did think that it was time to shake things...
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9 Jul

BAN: will Qandeel Baloch make the cut?

You can laugh; you can cry. You can ogle or you can shy away. You can flash a lecherous smile at your computer screen or you can touch your ears with a shocked 'tauba tauba' as you see Qandeel Baloch strut her stuff onscreen as an underage kid (at least that's what he looks like) with a barely-there beard serenades her. By now we know that QB has a thing for beards. To be fair, this is Aryan Khan's song and it merely features Qandeel Baloch. It merely FEATURES Qandeel Baloch. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the DEVIL to Taher Shah's 'ANGEL' and you should prepare yourself for the horror before you indulge. You may never recover from this. Now that you have...
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8 Jul

A Haute Look at the JANAAN trailer I haven't seen Siyah, so I don't know what to expect from (director) Azfar Jafri, but the lead trio - Armeena Khan, Bilal Ashraf and Ali Rehman Khan are pretty much known to us. Armeena we know via Bin Roye; I'm still not convinced that she can act. She's a pretty face, and that more or less describes Bilal Ashraf as well. We've seen him as Brand Ambassador for HSY and we know he'll be appearing in the endlessly 'upcoming' Yalghaar. Armeena and Bilal are both easy on the eyes so we don't mind them at all. Ali Rehman Khan, however, is the most anticipated part of this trio; his work in Diyar e Dil and the fact that he's a...
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29 Jun

At the trailer launch of Actor In Law

"I think I was very confident at the trailer launch of Na Maloom Afraad but now I'm just super conscious!" exclaimed Nabeel Qureshi, director of the film, as he opened the press conference. Qureshi, along with the cast and crew of Actor in Law, was gathered to release the trailer of FilmWala’s second venture exactly two years after Na Maloom Afraad. The stage was set and posters were up announcing the three lead-cast of the upcoming film Actor in Law, starring Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat and Indian veteran actor, Om Puri. "This is the first time an Indian actor has flown in to play a part in a Pakistan production," Nina, marketing head of Entertainment URDU 1 and representative of Urdu 1 pictures,...
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