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19 Sep

Take a vow!

(Dawn Images, Sept 19, 2010) It’s time someone stepped in to revive and reinvent the multi-million rupee bridal industry in Pakistan.   The biggest market for fashion in Pakistan isn’t the show. It’s the shaadi. With Pakistan’s fashion conscious middle class falling into a slim minority, the practical window to high end fashion - for most women - is still wedding wear. They can tally off designers for dholkis, mehndis, the wedding/baraat day, valima, trousseau etc even if they still go to tailors for everyday clothing. Weddings are what uphold the sartorial snob value here even though critics resist accepting bridal clothing as fashion. To be fair, bridals cannot be slotted as ‘fashion’ in any contemporary sense of the word. They are repetitive, often...
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16 Sep

Fashion Pakistan elects a new board

With three years up for Fashion Pakistan's first elected board completing term, elections were held last month and finally a newly elected board appears to have been put in place. The transition wasn't exactly smooth, with rumours of lawsuits, disagreements and rivalries washing in every now and then, but it appears that the voting has been conducted and the new board has been sworn in. Though nothing has been made official, news doing the rounds are that Shamaeel replaces Maheen Khan as Chairperson and Amir Adnan replaces Tammy Haq as CEO. Tammy and Rizwan Beyg, who were at the helm of organizing FP's two fashion weeks, are now nowhere in the picture. Rizwan Beyg apparently did not even contest. Other than...
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3 Sep

Does it pay to be a fashion journalist?

(Instep, The News) Does it pay to be a fashion journalist? Well, depends on what you want to be paid in! Are you looking for a fat paycheck every month? You’re likelier to get rich digging graves! Are you looking for career growth? Given that there are only a handful of dailies and (credible) glossies catering exclusively to fashion in Pakistan - most of their editors being the owners which kind of kills any credibility you’d want associated with your name - the odds of your being promoted in any are low. Better not to hold your breath! Are you looking for respect? Uh…let me phrase this kindly: the intellectual snobs will make you feel two inches tall and the people you work with...
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3 Sep

Ramadan trends: the key word for Ramadan is sophistication

(Dawn, The Review) Fashion loves to weave itself around every occasion and that includes the month of Ramadan, which brings out every woman’s perpetual desire to upgrade her wardrobe. Blame it on the iftaar parties that demand a different perspective on your personal style or the run-up to Eid, which brings out one’s ceremonial side even in hard times. This is a month in which we buy clothes, we donate clothes and we try to ensure that a festive spirit, in one way or another, touches everyone around us. Fashion statements made in Ramadan also digress from the usual emphasis on flaunting labels and making OTT style statements. Clothing becomes more sublime, less risqué, more modest and certainly a tad bit...
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27 Aug

Time for retail therapy!

We’re already half way through Ramadan and though the spirit is somber, life is shuffling back to normal and the hustle bustle in the market place is catching on. And how long can women stay away from retail therapy anyway? Even the most conscientious need that steady shot of fashion adrenaline to keep their sanity intact; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. I must say that I’ve been finding great pleasure in the weekly parcels I’ve been receiving from Tia at Kamiar Rokni’s. A weekly shot of fashion: such a guilty yet irresistible pleasure! We, and I speak for all fashion-driven women, have been living the ebb and flow of ‘give donations, buy clothes’. In the past one month, with so...
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26 Aug

Dressing the future

(Dawn Images, Aug 15, 2010) An eclectic mix of designers is spinning into orbit as fashion’s new identity. Here’s to fashion’s next generation… Welcome to the world of contemporary Pakistani fashion. It’s a world where high street clothing has one up on couture, where attitude gets you places that you imagined only your surname could and where conforming is the biggest sin. It’s a world where energy is fuel that spins a world vision from seeds of tradition, a fuel that aims to smash stereotypes. This is the world that defines Pakistani fashion as we will see it tomorrow and these are the people who drive it. Adnan Pardesy is launching his pret label A.Parallel soon. “I want to see...
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17 Aug

Copycat, copycat where have you been?

(Instep Today, August 17, 2010) The copycat conundrum has always grabbed headlines; people love reading about who’s copying who and magazines in Pakistan have lately begun splashing pictures of designs that look like déjà vus, whether it’s a Maheen Karim dress imitating Etro (pointed out on the Style Stripped website), a Nomi Ansari collection doing a double take on Manish Arora or a Body Focus tunic looking a bit too much like a Dolce Gabbana gown (both noted by Expoze). The visuals are all there and yes, there’s no denying the fact that at times things do look a bit too similar to be passed off as an inspiration. Mughal miniatures have been an inspiration for designers through...
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12 Aug

Come hell or high water!

Fashion will continue to progress in Pakistan, come hell or high water. At this point in time, we are experiencing an abundance of both. Hell and high water, that is. I’m not trying to make light of the situation we’re living in. We’ve been there for decades and it weighs down too heavily on us to be taken lightly. But as fashion retail’s most lucrative season – Ramazan –approaches and the industry shakes out its welcome mat for events like the Carnival de Couture, the Lux Style Awards and the PSFD Sunsilk Fashion Week (all scheduled over the next three months), I can sense the disapproval and general disdain that will inevitably precede and follow every little whimper fashion makes. “Oh, how...
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11 Aug

Putting the charisma back in Karma

(Instep Today, Aug 11) Maheen, Saad and their daughter Arianna are the perfect model for Karma family The last two years have been uneasy for brand Karma. Despite the steady business expansion and brand positioning between Lahore and Karachi, Karma’s design evolution has been limited. Apart from the eponymous starburst motif, the pearl and diamante embellishment and the satin streaming that became quintessential to Karma outfits when the label began, one does not recall any trend-setting design narrative that may have wowed or etched itself into the senses since. Critical appreciation has not come often and the litmus test, the Karma collection shown at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week earlier this year, left a whole lot to be...
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22 Jun

A Coke Studio for Fashion

Fashion may be music to a woman’s soul while diamonds would be her best friend but many people would argue that fashion is superficially skin deep while it is in fact music that permeates the skin and seeps into the soul. Music fans would put up a convincing argument that fashion is elitist while music is populist; that most people can afford to buy a cassette, CD or tune into a radio station for what music offers while not so many can actually afford to buy or own any part of fashion. The last leg of this argument would be that musicians are better people than most fashion designers. Now on an average day I would be able to put...
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