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11 Apr

Enter the world of HSY prints

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin: the man behind the machinery! It’s impossible to imagine Pakistani fashion without the phenomenon that is HSY and it’s impossible not to love him for the value he adds to it. A brand that has the slickest marketing machinery in fashion, a label that is unabashedly consumer driven and a man that would be Pakistan’s Shah Rukh Khan had he stepped into films instead of fashion. Because HSY is a star more than anything else. I can imagine him waking up everyday and finding pleasure in media attention of any sort: interview or quote, picture or profile. The launch of HSY Prints, of course, takes his stardom to another level. For someone who has never...
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10 Apr

Is the beauty of fashion week skin deep?

Sublime by Sara Shahid: Pakistani fashion in co-existence with different elements of society The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week held last week looked better than ever but without a concrete business model it remains to be a flash of beauty at best. Out of the twenty-five collections shown at PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week, an impressive twenty plus added either elements of handcrafted couture, well-defined trends in street wear or high voltage drama to the value of Pakistani fashion. As that value was emitted out to the world via the media – local and international that included Telegraph, Times London, IANS and Elle India – it built recognition for this country’s fashion industry as it has never known before. Recognition,...
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4 Apr

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week Day three

As always, the last day was the very best. Kamiar Rokni, HSY and Ammar Belal walked for Ali Xeeshan as 'Munda shehr Lahore da' pelted in the background! Best collections of the last day: 1. Adnan Pardesy 2. FnkAsia FnkAsia's fashion week collection was stronger than the label has ever been, and what makes it better is the fact that it'll be out in the market soon if not already! 3. Ali Xeeshan 4. Teejays Summer 'must-have': Cotton gharara with cargo pockets. Colour: bone. Best productions of the day: 1. Ammar Belal: 'Wild Thang!' Buzz was that he wanted live animals - lions or at least pythons - on the catwalk but the council declined 2. HSY: 'DJ got...
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4 Apr

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Two

Akif's 20-piece collection for autumn/winter 2011 was the highlight of the evening TOP FOUR COLLECTIONS OF THE DAY: 1. Akif 2. Khaadi Khaas 3. Republic 4. Sadaf Malaterre PRODUCTION OF THE DAY With corsages, bubbles and cupcakes, Karma spins girlie magic at their show. KARMA: replete with roses, bubbles and pretty cupcakes for the front rows, this showing was picture perfect as far as production goes. The collection, though not razor sharp in design, had some interesting pieces and indicated that Maheen Kardar was finally rerouting herself back into the game with her own vision for her label. Runner up: Asifa & Nabeel for bringing chandeliers and live qawwals to the runway. DISAPPOINTMENTS OF THE DAY 1. Sarah Salman for showcasing the most...
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31 Mar

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week Day One contd…

Ather Hafeez and Maheen Khan rolled into one, Mohsin is a fresh gust of wind blowing in from Quetta Thank God the cricket fuss and fever is over and we can all detox and go back to leading our normal lives. Back to fashion, Day One at fashion week impressed and we're all set for today's lineup which opens with Karma and moves on to Republic, Sara Salman, Akif, Sadaf Malaterre, Rizwanullah, Asifa & Nabeel and a Khaadi Khaas finale. But let's go back a step before we take two steps forward. Muse The young label once again surprised and impressed with its simplicity of design, which was clean and very focussed. Elegant in its approach of eveningwear, it...
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30 Mar

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

In true cricket spirit, here I am reporting fashion week live from Lahore. We are here at the Expo Centre Stadium for the first day of the test match where the Pakistan Fashion Design Council is expected to bowl eight overs with a line up of Nickie Nina, Beekay, Zaheer Abbas, Yahsir Waheed, Sahar Atif, Muse, Mohsin, Fahad Hussayn and Sublime. The weather conditions are bright and the pitch looks good as it’s been jacked up a couple of feet. Fashion week’s beeches are packed with Lahore’s socialite spectators and a few fashion enthusiasts from Karachi who are here to cheer for their team. There we see Rizwan Beyg here in the VIP enclosure for Adnan Pardesy and Zaheer Abbas....
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28 Mar

Strife after fashion week

What happens when fashion weeks’ red carpets are rolled up and bright lights turned out? The idea behind any fashion week in the world is trade but retail reality is not so ideal for designers in Pakistan Almost six months after an event in Karachi, the PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week is wheeling its way back to Lahore. Pakistan Fashion Design Council, one of the country’s two main fashion councils, made a commitment to hosting fashion week alternately in Karachi and Lahore. And as the event approaches, Lahore’s fashionable elite is airing out its designer wardrobes and getting that final shot of Botox for extra measures. It is essential to look flawless on the red carpet and there’s so much focus on...
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