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11 Mar


What exactly is the British Council reconstructing? This exhibition titled Reconstruction - that has traveled through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and will now proceed to Moscow, Russia after spending a week in Karachi - is all about recreating the culture heritage of various regions in contemporary fashion. Sophia Kokosalaki's designs combine her Grecian heritage with the steely, urban structure of London, where she now lives. The journey from culture to contemporary fashion is one almost every Pakistani designer undertakes at least once in his/her career but not always is it so refined and sophisticated. The fusion we see is often too literal. This exhibition is a very welcome benchmark for comparison. It shows how culture can be recreated by the reincarnation of...
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9 Mar

A fashion moment at Park Towers

Meesha Shafi-Rehman and Aamina Sheikh at the TR-10 show at Park Towers today When L'Oreal invited me to be part of the TR 10 campaign, I agreed simply because I do use L'Oreal moisturizers and shampoos and have been using them for the past ten years or more. TR 10 is very new but I've used the White Perfect, Hydrafresh and the Collagen anti aging cream. The main reason to be part of this talk show was, well, most of the women on the show were fashionable and because I really did want to talk about ten things I juggle in my everyday life, how they stress out the skin and how to counter that damage. You...
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4 Mar

SOC’s ‘I’m every woman!’ style statement for the Oscars

Oscar moment! Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy with Daniel Junge. Her Bunto Kazmi kameez is beautiful and you can get a peek at the flag dangling from her wrist! Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s sartorial choices were as successful as her Oscar-winning documentary. Very similar to her acceptance speech, her wardrobe was confident while retaining the pureness of being a sophisticated and contemporary Pakistani woman. She chose her designers (all women) intelligently: Sania Maskatiya for a young and progressive feel, Sana Safinaz for an essence of fusion with the world’s aesthetic ethos and Bunto Kazmi for the richness of hand-embroidered Pakistani couture. Her jewelry was just as much a statement as her clothes. The gold cuff she wore to the ceremony -...
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4 Mar

The House of Kamiar Rokni for Bonanza

I think that the merger of Kamiar Rokni and Tia Noon's design brilliance with the corporate structure of the House of Bonanza (formerly having very little fashion significance) is the biggest revolution since buttons. Okay, so buttons aren't very fashionable when they come in plain black but they do serve a greater purpose and been stylized to look much funkier than the original two-eye model. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what The House of Kamiar Rokni is destined to do for Bonanza: give it a flash of fashion while keeping it's utilitarianism alive. The NEWS collection featured the Rilli skirt (2010) which has made way into the Bonanza lawn series in 2012. Voila! The...
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29 Feb

IFW, Oscars, LPNY and Humsafar

Islamabad Fashion Week has been postponed to April 10, 2012 which means that between FPW3 (April 6-9), IFW (April 10-13) and PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (April 13-16) April will be a month to conserve energy for. Add the Sky Fashion Showcase to that list (March 26-29) and you'll be exhausted already. What a feeling! Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Vanity Fair party outfit by Sana Safinaz was accessorized by a lovely (ruby and diamond) ring and bracelet designed especially for the occasion by Sherezad Rahimtoola. SOC was also presented a pair of diamond earrings to go with the bracelet but she couldn't wear them as the earrings she had worn earlier (by Kiran Aman) were quite heavy and she couldn't...
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28 Feb

IFW postponed. Making sense of WHY?

No concrete reasons have been made official just as yet. The email from Ms Farhana Arshad, Executive Director Triple E reads as follows: Dear All Respected Buyers & Designers, This is to inform you all that Islamabad Fashion Week is POSTPONED due to some unavoidable circumstances. The New Date will be announced SHORTLY.  Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience caused. We hope you will be able to spare your precious time to attend our fashion week in future as well.  This press note came in at exactly 21:37 last night (Feb 27), a few hours after disappointed designers started calling me. Needless to say they were devastated as many of them cannot commit to a new date in March/April and are rightfully...
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27 Feb

Islamabad Fashion Week has been postponed!

In an unbelievable turn of events - given that it has happened three days before Islamabad Fashion Week was to commence in the Capital City - it has been postponed! Several reasons have been given by CEO Triple E Arshad Siddiqui, including visa issues and threatening calls made to Triple E from several 'dangerous' units in Islamabad. Official reasons will be made public tomorrow. Till then...
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26 Feb

Fashion & Friends for Frieha (and Crescent) at Flo!

[youtube=] Frieha Altaf of Catalyst PR poses in one of the new prints by Faraz Manan by Crescent Lawn I have not been able to drag myself to the lawn exhibitions this year, not a single one, especially at the Imperial and Palm shamianas. But Frieha Altaf is a smart event manager and she organized a press view for Crescent at Cafe Flo, in an intimate and elegant way. I don't know when and where the lawn will officially be launching. The new and improved Sam: spotted during the makeup call at Rukaiya's salon And here you see Sam all prepped up at the show Fareshteh Aslam and the...
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21 Feb

Sania Maskatiya: the beginning of a great brand

Sohai, Sania Maskatiya, Maheen Karim and Umair Tabani Sania Maskatiya recently celebrated the first anniversary of her shop and it was amazing to see women buying clothes as if they were doing their monthly groceries. All credit goes to this young firebrand who not only has her head wrapped around the commerce of fashion but knows how to balance it with the edginess it takes to be called a designer. Smart designers will make sure the press covers their work, leaving their social activities for exclusives Sania with powerhouse Frieha Altaf. Photo: iPhone Sania with Shernaz and Shezray of Ensemble Pakistan, where the label is stocked as well [caption...
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