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20 Dec

PFDC L’oreal Paris Bridal Week: day two

"What do you honestly think of fashion week now?" Mr Owais Mazhar asked me after Day One and I replied that the platform had done full justice to the industry but the designers were still struggling. It would take another few years and consistently happening weeks to fine tune the process to perfection. They needed time to get into the discipline of it. Most importantly they needed to realize that fashion week was a platform to convince people that creativity counted, not just commercialism. And that fact was more than visible on the second day of bridal week. Because while Fahad Hussayn's commitment to fashion and energy was more than palpable, the event struggled to keep high energy afloat as the...
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17 Dec

LPBW fever begins

For many of us the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week has officially kicked off. It was a blissfully timely and smooth Air Blue flight to Lahore (compliments L'Oreal) and though we were initially a bit apprehensive about flying Air Blue, it came as a blessing in disguise. Yes, the flight was punctual and landed without any technical difficulties etc. The general opinion amongst Civil Aviation staff was that the government has deliberately destabilized PIA to make way for Indus Air, being flown in by Feryal Talpur, the President's sister. Anyway, bumped into Zaheer Abbas and Raheel Rao at the airport lounge. The designer was quite excited about designing his first bridal collection, which he will be showing in Nabila's Gold to Bold...
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14 Dec

Oops, they did it again!

Nomi Ansari with his good friend, model Tooba Siddiqui Nomi Ansari has pulled out of showing at the upcoming PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week. Before you indulge in the inevitable and start taking sides on whose fault it is, I have one thing to say: Don't shoot the messenger, please. From what I have understood, Nomi Ansari was given a confirmation to open the fourth and final day of fashion week, December 21st to be exact. This confirmation was made right in the beginning of event planning, after which he agreed and started preparing for the show. Due to family weddings and personal commitments, he says the 21st was the only day he could show, which is precisely...
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12 Dec

Building bridges with bridal couture

Shamaeel and Nomi Ansari showcase their Fall 2011 collections to celebrate UAE’s 40th Independence Day Anniversary in Karachi Nadia Hussain models a Nomi Ansari bridal (Published on Sunday, December 11 2011) On the surface, a celebration for UAE’s 40th Independence Day anniversary in Karachi appeared to be nothing more than a diplomatic exercise and it primarily was just that. Celebrated over a gala evening of songs by Strings and dances by regional troupes along with some very high-end fashion by Shamaeel and Nomi Ansari, the evening served as an effective measure to strengthen the relationship between both countries. Representation from the UAE came with Rabia Z, the Emirati designer who showcased her Spring/Summer 2012 Mukhawara Collection. Fashion held the evening...
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5 Dec

So who’s showing at the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week?

Ali Xeeshan is one of the names to look forward to at the upcoming PLBW. It is quite a mouthful, I agree. But the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week will launch as Pakistan's first council-endorsed therefore credible bridal fashion week in Pakistan. The implications of this title are huge, given that bridals constitute the most lucrative segment of Pakistan's fashion industry. To a Pakistani designer, bridals are what oil is to the Arabs. Bridals lubricate fashion's finances, if not trends and we are about to see them recognized and regularized at PLBW (that's my self coined hashtag for the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week until Lotus comes up with a better abbreviation). Other than pump up the purse,...
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30 Nov

Ringleader, Frieha Altaf

(Published with the LSA story in Herald, October 2011) Ali Zafar with Frieha Altaf at the 2007 Lux Style Awards held in Malaysia. “I’m a man in a woman’s body,” is what Frieha Altaf has often said about herself. And while she doesn’t look the gender she professes to possess, she does have the testosterones to work like a man and drive her cast and crew crazy in the process. Slave-driving is bad enough coming from a man, but when it comes from a sexy woman in a short dress and dangerously high heels it can get a bit too intimidating. “What happened to your hair?” a Banana News Republic host asks his companion, who is sporting a giant...
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25 Nov

A case for couture

John Galliano designed some of the most magnificent couture for Dior. Some Like it Haute (Published Nov 24, 2011) It’s time to set the record straight for a term very loosely used in fashion: haute couture. Literally, the word haute in French means “high class” and couture means “sewing” or “dressmaking” and the two words combine to form haute couture, a term that refers to the highest order of dress-making. Haute couture clothes are custom-made for exclusive clients and display all measures of excellent tailoring, expensive fabric, innovative design and attention to detail including high quality intrinsic beading or embellishment. Sounds simple? Well, there’s a catch. The catch is that several years ago France, where haute couture originated (a tradition...
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22 Nov

My thoughts on IFAP

IFAP CEO Mehreen Syed with most of the visiting faculty I wasn't in Lahore for the launch of IFAP but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion about Pakistan's first Fashion Academy. Of course I do. I've visited the website and do feel that the CEO Mehreen Syed and Head of Faculty Shahzad Raza have made a fair attempt at professionalism, though starting their launch two hours late (according to my journo-colleagues) does not go down well with the required discipline of an academic institution. However, I do think that portraitures made on the website are a bit exaggerated. Mehreen Syed is a good model but calling herself Pakistan's "undisputed supermodel" is pushing it a bit too...
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19 Nov

Fashion’s new king of couture

Creating one dynamic collection after the other, Adnan Pardesy proves that he has what it takes to own the title. Four well-appraised collections are what a fashion designer needs to ‘arrive’ in the industry. With Chthonic, Opine and Coquetry (showcased at the recently held PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2012), Adnan Pardesy is just one collection short of making that mark of success. But Pakistan’s industry is generous and Pardesy’s acclaim is abundant. This young designer has already arrived with maturity that one associates with his mentors Maheen Khan and Rizwan Beyg when it comes to precision and perfection of garment wizadry. His is the vision of a couturier married to the commercial steadiness of a successful brand. It’s a...
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