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26 Aug

Young and restless at The Designers

Fashion is no longer an expensive hobby for bored housewives who have too much money and time on their hands. Nor is it the launch pad to pseudo-stardom for people without a skill to their name. Here’s to a new era of young fashion graduates… Fashion buyer Asad Tareen with Adz Pardesy, fashion's favourite feudal YBQ and Shahi Hasan Fashion is Pakistan’s new cash cow. Right? Well, not exactly. While so many people step into fashion expecting to carve out a lucrative slice of this seemingly rich pie, not many of them realize how difficult it is to establish and run a business in a city that is always half shut. If fashion entrepreneurs (that would be anyone...
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21 Aug

The Designers comes to life

With Frieha Altaf (right), the woman without whom Pakistani fashion would not be the same!  It has been a long and arduous summer and while last evening at Asad Tareen's multi-brand store The Designers was no less steamy, it did inject some much missed fashion activity back into the daily drudgery of our lives in Karachi. Plus, the icy blended mint lemonades really saved the day. The launch of Adnan Pardesy, Wardah Saleem, Mohsin Ali and Akif Mehmood amongst a few new labels at The Designers kicked off what we can hope will be a buzzing beginning of a new season for fashion. While all collections were geared towards Eid and therefore safe conventionality - they were nothing...
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13 Aug

FnkAsia reinterprets the flag

In this Independence Day fashion special steps high street brand FnkAsia with a small limited edition collection of shirts and tops reinterpreting the Pakistani flag. The flag has been constructed from screens of 50 paisa stamps and either printed directly onto the shirts or appliqued with light thread work. Other than the flag the collection also features Minar-e-Pakistan, one of Independence Day's most important landmarks, amongst other icons of Independence. 'Waving Flag' in front of Quaid's mausoleum Available in several colours, this shirt depicts the Minaret Pakistan on the front in a printed panel. Making a very loud statement, this one is for the highly spirited only! Celebrating the chand taara! At a flat price of Rs...
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11 Aug

All that glitters may be bridal gold

Forget red. The contemporary bride is willing to experiment and we found the perfect example in accessory designer Mahin Hussain, who chose to order an unusual gold ensemble from Sadaf Malaterre. Malaterre is an unusual choice for a bridal, as the designer is best known for her western, chic aesthetic. She has always taken pride in not taking the commercial route to monetary success, instead sticking to her casual, Bohemian signature that she does best. Well it takes one artist to appreciate the other and in this case Mahin Hussain opted for the unconventional Sadaf Malaterre bridal to wear to her wedding. The front of this paneled shirt was embroidered with tiny gold glass beads and gold sequins in two different sizes,...
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1 Aug

I like it dark and twisted

The most creative of geniuses will have a tendency to self-destruct. The catwalk would be saccharine sweet if there weren’t always a twist in the tale. “Don’t you get sick of fashion?” I very frequently get asked and the answer is no. How could I tire of an industry that specks my life with adventure? I could never imagine working at a bank with three-piece suits marching past me day and night. Nor a school where conformation would be the basic dress code. I could never imagine working at an office or any similar place where I’d actually have to weigh the appropriation of my outfit, indirectly my personality every single day. I enjoy fashion for its lack...
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25 Jul

Ten years and counting!

The Lux Style Awards fashion nominations 2010 prove how far the industry has come in ten years. Tenth anniversaries are milestones and if traditions are to be respected then this year’s Lux Style Awards, marking ten years of the country’s premium awards show, are destined to make a celebratory big bang. One remembers how they began in Karachi in 2001, representing a fashion industry that was barely standing on its own feet. That industry is soaring today – numerous fashion weeks, foreign exposure as well as buzzing retail presence being the wind beneath its wings. That said, Unilever, the chief sponsor has not done justice to the show christened to honour excellence in fields of fashion, film, television and music. One has...
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12 Jul

Dial C for Creative or Confused?

Are fashion graduates equipped with tools necessary for them to survive in a competitive environment? Generation Next at PIFD: fashion students with a penchant for style make fashion ever more interesting. Students walked in, skirting their way past the front row of the classroom, finding a comfortable and well-shielded spot at the very back of the class. Shy. Under-confident. Wary. Eager. These few words best described the students at various premium fashion schools in Karachi and Lahore where I have been in close contact with students whether conducting seminars of my Fashion Media workshop or serving as judge or juror. Those of us who have been in the fashion business long enough know that these descriptions don’t last long....
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26 Apr

Confessions of a scentaholic

Schehrezade Spa in Karachi knocks in the heady scent of essential oils and explains why a massage isn’t completely effective without a blend that’s customized for you. Forget retail therapy for just a second because as you enter the equally gratifying world of aromatherapy you’ll realize what you’ve been missing. I know I’ve been long gone from this space, throwing myself completely into fashion, fashion week and the correlating work that has equated to something very close to stress-hell. But lucky for me that I chanced upon a heavenly space in Karachi – a haven of holistic health – that helped me keep my sanity intact when all madness was running lose. All of you addicted to their massages, those stress-easing sessions...
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15 Apr

PFDC-L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week versus BCW!

It may be another tongue twisting event in Pakistan's already choc-a-bloc fashion week schedule but a Bridal Couture week is just up Lahore's right alley and it's a welcome addition despite the saturation. Spotted at the press conference: Sara Shahid, Nickie and Nina, Maheen Kardar, Shahzad Raza, QYT, Hani Taha, Fahad Hissayn, Maram, Zara Shahjahan and others. Also, a Bridal Couture Week, or any fashion 'week' rightfully belongs to (any) fashion council instead of corporations that just get involved in fashion for the profit. Why else, I ask, would Style 360's Bridal Couture Week be charging stylists for providing a service? "I've paid 800,000 (8 lakhs) for four shows," says Saba Ansari. "They have scheduled two shows a day...
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