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21 Jul

Style File: Maya Ali aces her style game

Maya Ali has undoubtedly become the talk of the town with her transformation from a girl-next-door to an haute diva with her latest release Teefa in Trouble. And while she's riding high on popularity after bagging another role in Asim Raza's next, we can't help but be in awe of not only her acting prowess but her style sense too, which seems to be trailblazing, of late.   So, why exactly do we think her style needs to be appreciated at the moment? Let's have a look!     Poised in black   Maya Ali has really managed to pull off a strong style game, courtesy her stylist Ania Fawad. She looks poised in a one-shoulder top by Topshop and starry denim paired with classic Louboutins to complete her...
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14 Feb

Weekend Review: the shops are red

I try and survey all prominent shops and boutiques every Saturday, every week but now with the rise of ready to wear in Pakistan, there are way too many to handle in one go. So this week I decided to pick and choose and visit those where I hoped to find some solid summer wear. My trek started at Sonya Battla and ended at Sana Safinaz, with lots inbetween. Here's an overview, hoping that it'll help you all when you step out to shop next time! STOP 1: Sonya Battla   It was February 13 and I have to say I was guilty of associating this weekend with Valentine’s Day and not remembering Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s birthday until I walked into Sonya Battla’s boutique....
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19 Jan

Bunto Kazmi’s Magical Karachi Skyline

It was nothing short of a museum piece. When I heard of the tapestry that Bunto Apa (as she is lovingly and respectfully called) had created, I dropped all prior engagements and trekked across to Muhammad Ali Society, where she resides. Anyone who's visited Bunto Kazmi's exotic atelier will vouch for its intricate splendour; today it looked extra special as everyone there was standing around this 7 foot long tapestry and just admiring it in silence. It was nothing short of spectacular. Created for a Private Collector (who wishes to remain unnamed) this work of art had taken over a year to finish, soaking up almost 10 days of labour per day. Three master craftsman had worked on it - their names...
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10 Dec

Winter/Festive is Coming!

Fashion Pakistan Week introduces a unique ‘Winter/Festive’ flavour to the season but served between commercial collections and bad branding, it suffered from style setbacks.     Unlike the western world, Pakistan has two unique fashion seasons: summer and wedding. And so to label this season’s Fashion Pakistan Week ‘Winter/Festive’ was not a bad idea at all. Winter is all about festivity in this part of the world, whether it’s weddings, parties or the overall celebratory air of family reunions in the holiday season and that’s the cue designers were given for their collections. Whether wedding wear, trousseau, party or simply winter wear, what they interpreted as Winter/Festive was their personal choice.   Shehla Chatoor chose to show her very first bridal collection at a fashion...
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