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21 Jul

Celebrities condemn Mohsin Abbas Haider after he is accused of domestic violence

In light of the recent revelations that have come out against Mohsin Abbas Haider, social media underwent a meltdown last night, and many celebrities are now taking to their personal accounts to condemn the actor.

Dua Malik, wife of Sohail Haider — who has been a friend of Mohsin for some time and recently even collaborated with him — came out as a witness to the abuse that Mohsin inflicted on his wife. She took to her Instagram to reveal that she had known of his wife’s ordeal for three years, and further testified that she saw him beating her. The post has since been deleted.



Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin’s co-star from the recently released hit, Baaji, also expressed his disbelief at the accusations. “You cannot justify abuse,” tweeted the actor.



Hania Amir was one of the first celebrities to break their silence and chime in with their support for Mohsin’s wife, Fatema. She did not hold back her disgust at all, tweeting “those sleepless nights of shooting and working hard don’t pay off when you’re a piece of sh*t!” with the hashtag #TimesUp.



Mahira Khan also voiced her repulsion at the situation, saying that she felt sick to her stomach. She went to highlight the importance of counselors in school for children to develop understanding about domestic abuse, sexual abuse and consent.



Haroon Shahid recalled an instance from his own childhood when his parents discovered that their neighbor used to beat his wife, and put him in his place. He went on to shame Mohsin for his doings.



Laal Kabootar actress, Mansha Pasha, also had a message for men. “Before you even think about hitting your women, JUST DON’T. We are stronger than we look & we will fight back,” she tweeted.



Movie star Shaan Shahid, also took to his Twitter to condemn the act and made it known that men who hit women must be treated like criminals. “Real men don’t hit or disrespect women,” tweeted Shaan.



Singer and actor, Asim Azhar is the latest celebrity to speak up against the heinous act. He thanked Mohsin’s wife, Fatema, for having the courage to speak up and insisted that “we, as a society, need to cancel & boycott all these toxic beings.”

“Domestic violence is NOT okay in response of ANY action.



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