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28 Jun

How did the stars celebrate Eid this year?

We’re all enjoying our Eid holidays and naturally that makes us curious about what our favourite stars are up to. So we did our usual Instagram stalking and got in touch with some celebrities to find out what their Eid agenda is like.

Turns out, travelling and vacationing is a common activity for our stars this Eid. Most prominent on the horizon was the Yalghaar cast (minus Shaan), that was promoting the film in New York and then flew across the Atlantic to London. We loved Ayesha Omar’s travel album; she kept the style factor very high (as seen above).

The charming Udaari star, Ahsan Khan revealed that he’s using the opportunity to take a family vacation. “I’m travelling with my kids and wife to Malaysia and I plan on spending Eid with my brother who lives there, and my mother is dropping by there as well. I’m treating this break as my vacation so I will be out of the country for two whole weeks,” he revealed.

Ahsan Khan


Mansha Pasha is busy travelling as well. “I’m in the UK. My family is pretty much here for Eid,” she spoke to us over whatsapp messages.

Mansha Pasha looks pretty as a picture in a white ensemble this Eid.


Our favourite macho man of the moment, Bilal Ashraf told us that he’ll be doing something nice for his family this Eid. “I’ll be spending quality time with my family and friends. I also plan on cooking for all of them!” Of course we tried to pry further and asked what’s on the menu. “That’s a surprise because even I don’t know yet,” he laughed. He can fight like an SSG soldier AND cook for his family on Eid? We’re impressed!

That’s Bilal Ashraf looking extremely fit in Yalghaar’s promotional poster.


Sadly, there are those who won’t be meeting their family for Eid this year, and that one celebrity is our favourite workaholic, Mooroo. “This Eid I won’t be spending time with my family because I just recently took a ten day break and I’m already feeling guilty for not working for all those days so I’ll be spending my Eid working,” he said.

From what we know about Mooroo, his pet Labrador Jude is just like family.


Then there are those who are really worn out from all the work and travelling that they’ve been occupied with. Fahad Mustafa finally wraps up the Ramzan version of Jeeto Pakistan, and is done shooting for Na Maloom Afraad 2. “Well, I’ll just try to stay away from everybody, I’ll sleep. Won’t talk talk to anyone. I’ll just rest. That’s what I need,” shared Fahad over the phone and may we add that he already sounded worn out.

It seems as though Fahad Mustafa got to spend time with his family this Eid.


However, some celebrities decided to celebrate Eid with those who don’t have anyone to celebrate Eid with. Newly married couple Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane were seen celebrating their first Eid as a married couple with children at an orphanage. That is something we all can and should learn from.

Farhan and Urwa at an orphanage. May we dare say #couplegoals?






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