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13 Sep

Celebrities head to Kashmir in support of PM Imran Khan’s rally

Earlier this week, PM Imran Khan took to Twitter to issue a call for action towards the Kashmir issue in the form of an organized rally in Muzaffarabad. In response to his announcement, a number of celebrities have decided to lend their support as well.

Celebrities including Humayun Saeed, Maya Ali, Hareem Farooq, Javed Sheikh, Faakhir and Shahid Afridi have flown to Kashmir to attend the rally. Their presence is sure to bring more attention to the ongoing crisis, and if not anything more, mobilize the youth just a tad bit more to research about and raise their voice against the atrocities being carried out in Kashmir.

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In his tweet on September 11th, PM Imran Khan said that he will address a gathering in Muzaffarabad in an effort to ‘show the Kashmiris that Pakistan stands resolutely with them.’



In response to the PM’s tweet, actor/producer Humayun Saeed urged everyone to participate as well to show the world that ‘we stand united with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters.’



Earlier today, he posted a picture in front of a helicopter with several other celebrities on their way to Kashmir.



Singer and activist, Shehzad Roy, also made his way up north to rally for support in Kashmir’s time of crisis, posting a picture with Shahid Afridi.



Earlier, PM Imran Khan had also called for a country-wide Kashmir Solidarity Hour to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir. Peaceful protests and rallies were held across the country in the wake of complete Indian lock down in the Kashmir region.


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