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1 May

Celebrities laud Child Marriage Restraint Bill passed by the Senate

child marriage

The Senate on Monday passed a bill to amend the Child Marriage Restraint Bill 1929, to set the minimum age to be able to marry girls as 18 years. Senator Sherry Rehman presented the bill and was met with heated remarks by some fellow senators on grounds that the Senate is not a proper forum to discuss matters like this.

Senator Raza Rabbani apprised the house that the bill was earlier sent to the Council of Islamic Ideology; however, it remained there for years without any discussion on the matter. He added that the Sindh Assembly has already passed the same bill and it was not challenged or opposed at any forum and that the age of marriage in all other Islamic countries is 18 years.

Sherry Rehman took to Twitter to explain the gravity of the situation.



Many celebrities later praised Sherry Rehman and lauded the Senate’s efforts.



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While Ali Gul Pir wonders why would anybody oppose a bill that protects children?



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