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8 Oct

Celebrities react as Churails gets banned for viewing in Pakistan

Almost 2 months after it was released for streaming on the OTT platform Zee5, Churails has been removed for viewing in Pakistan. This medieval move comes after a short clip – showing Hina Bayat’s character complain that she had to give two hand jobs everyday to make enough money to open her own salon – went viral, putting Churails right back in the headlines. The series has been getting numerous accolades globally, but has not gone down well with conservative segments in Pakistan, who feel its bold content does not align with Pakistan’s cultural values.

With Asim Abbasi at the helm, Churails is Pakistan’s first-ever crime thriller series, released under the banners of Zee5 exclusive and Zindagi Original. The web series revolves around female empowerment with distinctive plots and a quirky timeline and follows the stories of four empowered women who create a gang to revolt against gross injustices served to women in a criminally patriarchal society.

The series has removed from viewing in Pakistan.

Director Asim Abbas shared his disappointment on Twitter, saying how strange it was that Churails was being appreciated internationally but banned in Pakistan.

He added that this regressive move was a loss for women and marginalized communities that the web series was meant to represent.

Pakistani celebrities Sanam Saeed, Osman Khalid Butt and Shamoon Ismail have come out in Asim Abbasi’s support, sharing their views on the ban on Churails in Pakistan.

The Cake actress Sanam Saeed took to her Twitter account and questioned the hypocrisy  of  viewers who are criticizing the web series for promoting vulgar content.

On the other hand, Osman Khalid Butt shared his frustration regarding this decision and reminded people that the prime suspect of the motorway rape incident is still walking free.

Famous music artist Shamoon Ismail also believes that banning something that highlights the existing issues in our society is not the right way to deal with it.

As with all hot topics, the Churails ban in Pakistan has started a heated debate on social media, with most artists opposing the regressive move and conservative elements approving it, justifying it with the thought that the web series did not present a fair portrayal of feminists in Pakistan.


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