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31 Dec

Here’s how your favourite celebs are bringing in 2018!

New Year

With the year coming to an end, our celebrities have had a tumultuous 2017 with a magnitude of success and some downers. However, like all of us, the crème de la crème of the industry has decided to ring in the new year with full enthusiasm and positivity!

What exactly do they plan on doing this New Year’s Eve? Something Haute reveals…


Mehwish Hayat

New Year


Before she gears up for her film Load Wedding, Mehwish will be taking a fun break. “I’ll be spending my New Year’s Eve in Koh Samui with my friends. It is a good time to celebrate the achievements of the past year and to recharge one’s batteries for the year ahead,” Mehwish tells us.


Fawad Khan


New Year


We’re sure everyone wants to know what the nation’s heartthrob is doing this NYE!  Well, he’s currently vacationing in New York and will be checking into the city to see the fireworks with his family on New Year’s Eve, we got to know.


Ali Zafar


New Year


The actor, who had his hands full with projects this year, will finally be taking a sabbatical and enjoying with close ones! Ali is in Islamabad at the moment and will be staying on for NYE.  “I will be spending NYE with my friends, by the lake,” he informed us.


Maya Ali


New Year


While we’re still waiting for Maya Ali’s film debut in Teefa, her year will come to a warm end as she plans to make the best of it with her family.

“I always love to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my friends and family. We talk about all the past moments we have spent during the year, and plan our  resolutions which never end up happening!” she said. “On a serious note though, I love to make new year memories with my own people and feel more happy to be able to see them and together pray for others…”


Anoushey Ashraf


New Year


Between talk shows and endless events to host, Anoushey is taking this as a much-needed opportunity to relax. “I am going to spend a cozy evening in Lahore with my family and loved ones,” she told us. There’s more to that story, of course, with all that talk of Anoushay’s wedding in the spotlight…


Humaima Malick


New Year


This year has been quite a rollercoaster for the actress with the release of Arth – The Destination. Thus, it seems Humaima is planning on letting the year go on a good note!  “I’m still planning my NYE. I may go to Lahore or fly out to my favourite destination, London. Let’s see!” Humaima revealed.




New Year


It was a year brimming with photo-ops for Meera Jee and she made sure her star shines brightly. Naturally, that’s how she plans to end the year too!  “I will be spending my New Year’s Eve in Dubai, which I’ve just left for with the Pakistani cricket team, and then I’ll be flying to New Zealand to attend a match,” Meera said.


Imran Abbas


New Year


Imran has chosen to opt for a quiet night at home. “I’ll be staying home with my family in Islamabad and start the new year with the ones I love the most,” he said.


Ushna Shah


New Year


“I’d loved to have rung in the New Year with family but I’ll be working in Karachi on NYE. I’ll hop around different places with friends and be around them when the clock strikes 12,” the actress revealed. Stay tuned for more coming up about what projects are keeping her busy!


Ali Noor


new year


Ali Noor is on a journey of self discovery it seems. “I have no plans, no resolutions…just going to try to understand where my life is going,” he reveals.


Shahroz Sabzwari


new year



Ending the year with a happy thought, Shahroz too is all about family this NYE. “I will definitely be celebrating the end of 2017 as it’s been a very good year for the family! Alhamdulillah,” the actor said.


Mansha Pasha


New Year


The Chalay Thay Saath actress had a big year this year, and much like other celebs, she plans on being with her loved ones. “I will be watching the fireworks with a loved one, giving hugs and kisses once its 12 am and the new year has started!” Mansha said.


Ali Hamza


New Year


Much like his elder brother, Ali Hamza has decided to keep the last day of the year for self-reflection too. “I don’t plan on socializing at all,” Ali Hamza revealed. “I plan to sit in my new terrace garden and reflect with some candles and my loved ones around!”

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