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12 Aug

Shahroz Sabzwari responds to ‘Chain Aye Na’ critics

With only a day since its release, Chain Aye Na has ended up facing some seriously negative press. The trailer garnered a lot of criticism for several reasons but the film’s critique has been much more serious than people commenting on jelly blood and weird dialogues. “Can I kiss?” will ring a bell. However, does the film deserve the kind of flak it has received? The hero does not think so.

Talking exclusively to Something Haute, Shahroz explained why he felt critics were reading too much into the film.

“It is not about being fair or unfair, everyone is doing their job. However, yes, some publications keep re-sharing the same article again and again, I don’t know why no one is taking a note of that,” the actor told us when asked whether the reviews were justified.

“People will go watch Chain Aye Na, it’s just a romantic film,” he added. “A lot happens in romance! Slapping some one…people need not equate it with me that ‘how can Shahroz do this?’ I am playing a character, and if I am playing it, it’s the demand of the story. It’s a portrayal that actors have to do.”

Shahroz, who plays the role of an obsessed lover in the film, feels that his character is akin to what the reality is and things are not always the most-beautiful or romantic in love.

“In obsession, many lovers end up doing so many things. We’ve all been there! This is storytelling, so, for God’s sake this doesn’t need to be turned political for no reason or to forward one’s own agendas,” the actor reiterated.

Shahroz plays an obsessed lover in the film.

Speaking about the amount of love he has received from his fans and the kind of critique he has received from the critics, Shahroz said, “I want to thank my fans for supporting me through thick and thin and they should really go see Chain Aye Na. As for my critics, I am really glad that they thought my performance was so strong that it felt as if I had slapped them! That’s how serious my performance was, so as an actor, I feel I have proven myself as an actor in my debut.”

Shahroz, who we’ve seen in countless dramas as the lead, feels that instead of getting onto the negative bandwagon, the audience needs to make their mind for themselves.

“Two to three people have made their debut in the film. So, please go and see for yourself if you feel that the [industry] has received promising actors,” the actor concluded.

Directed by Syed Noor, the film is a narrative based on love and obsession where Shahroz plays the role of a head-over-heels lover, who could go to any length to get Sarish Khan to reciprocate his love. However, things go awry when the actress turns out to be engaged to someone else.


Shahjehan Saleem

The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute as well as a professor in the Media Sciences department at SZABIST, Karachi. Socio-cultural theories and geography fill up the rest of his time.

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