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1 Dec

Chanda Tara Orchestra’s rendition of the Durood Shareef will move you

Chand Tara Orchestra

Apart from brilliant drama serials, PTV back in the 80s and 90s will always be remembered for its iconic contributions to the industry. Out of many standalone pieces, one of the most important and renowned was the Durood Shareef. Now, recreating the same aura through their rendition is Chand Tara Orchestra.

Produced and directed by Babar Sheikh and performed by Sherry Raza, Chand Tara Orchestra breathes new soul into the classic with their rendition. From the visual appeal to the cover itself – although still missing the nostalgia of the original – it works because of its simplicity.

The current work borrows four lines of a Na’at from the prolific writer Wali-ud-din’s book Sareer-e-Khama. The lines pay homage and salutations to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). While working on the Durood Shareef, there was special attention by the creators to keep the element of ‘adab’ on the forefront, and it shows.

Check the beautiful recital here:

Durood Shareef – CTO

Full video at: Full audio recital at: the iconic Durood Shareef, from the PTV of the early 80s? Produced and directed by Babar Sheikh & performed by Sherry Raza, Chand Tara Orchestra have brought forth a beautiful recital of it that will bring tears to your eyes!

Posted by Patari on Donnerstag, 30. November 2017


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