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8 Apr

Chapter 2 of Shameless Proposals takes a dig at Pakistani men with X-ray visions

Shameless Proposals

Web-series Shameless Proposals is off to a humorous start. Moving forward from the first episode which explored the fragile masculinity of men in our society, we now witness the other breed of men whose sole purpose in life is to stare at women and make their everyday life miserable.

Directed by Hunny Haroon and written by the O Rangreza writer Saji Gul along with Atlas, the series aims to begin a conversation about the concept of arranged marriages and the twisted process of finding the ‘perfect partner’. Episode 2: Tharki looks at the how sometimes these rishta hunts turn into flirt-fest for the suitors. The writers have used satire to its fullest potential, though some of the comic punches may be marked as R-rated.

Through the course of the episode, you will find yourself in a dilemma as you wouldn’t know whether to feel sad about the pitiful situation every girl has to face or to laugh at the nonsensical excuses these lewd men make to justify their crass behavior. However, the fact that the satire is so close to reality will make you uncomfortable in your bones.

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Shameless Proposals


The episode lightly brushes on a few major ordeals faced by women of all ages in our society. Firstly, it shows how being flirtatious is considered a man’s birthright. And that he can be as provocative publicly as he wants and blames women to be at fault for his lust as ‘shareef larki tou ghar se bahar hi nahi nikalti’ [pious women don’t step out of their house].

Furthermore, media content i.e. television, films as well as advertisements and songs aggravate the situation by showing flirtatious stalkers as heroes. Also, ironically some families in our society still believe that a man of questionable character is bound to magically transform after he is married to a ‘mashriki’ girl. With all this and more, wait for a surprise at the end of the episode when the girl’s family finds out the real intentions of the guy.

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