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12 Oct

Chennai Express, Ra. One producer Karim Morani accused of rape

Karim Morani

Karim Morani, producer of big banner Bollywood films such as Chennai Express, has been accused by an aspiring actress of rape and subsequent blackmail.

According to Republic World, the producer – who is already facing a rape charge – met with a Delhi-based aspiring actress, who he ‘drugged, raped and abused.’

“Morani came home around 7 pm with a bottle of wine,” she explained. “I didn’t drink but he forced me to drink. Next thing I know, I wake up at 4am. I was numb and shocked. Physically and mentally, I was in a state of shock. Karim was not there. I saw there were marks on my body when I woke up.”

The actress also claimed that when she mustered up the strength to confront the abuser, Karim Morani ‘laughed’ at her.

“I found the courage and called him next day,” she recounted. “I confronted him and asked him – what did you do to me? I told him I’d call his wife and brother. He just laughed over the phone. Can’t forget that laughter. I felt helpless. I was 21. He said if you try and call anyone, I’ll get you killed by the underworld. Morani was linked to the underworld.”

Karim Morani is known in the industry for his friendship with Bollywood bigwigs, including Shah Rukh Khan. In the past, he has also been responsible for inviting Pakistani talent to Indian award shows.

This is a wake up call for everyone.

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