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17 Jul

Cocktail: heady buzz or buzz-kill?

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know who Gautam ends up with, stop reading now.

…because the ending is regressive, slow and it’s a bit of a wet blanket. The dude, after sleeping with half of London’s female population and clubbing all across the night scene, wants a wife who’ll make rotis and cook dinner. The whole ‘Hum dono do premi” mentality totally grosses you out.

“I imagine coming home to Meera,” he says, “Meera will cook food and I will eat.” Uh, okay. Barring the fact that the two of you have absolutely NOTHING in common, that just calls for regressive, stereotypical South Asian male mentality. Apologies to the few men who would have chosen the hot headed, sexy, passionate Veronica instead. For a wife!

The film is pretty much predictable and with Saif (Gautum) as the playboy-casanova hero, pretty much deja vu/seen before. But it has numerous moments that make you smile through it. You crack up at the jokes, warm up to the music and cringe at Meera’s (Diana Penty) sati savitri act. She’s saccharine sweet and totally devoid of any personality. In fact she’s so blank (albeit beautiful and perfectly proportioned) that she’d be better off as a model instead of actor.

The movie rides on Gautum and Veronica (Deepika Padukone), in fact Deepika could’ve carried it alone. She’s a winner, this one. And Cocktail would’ve ended so much better had Gautum considered her a keeper too.

Bonus: Great soundtrack includes Alif Lohar’s Alif Allah 


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