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27 Jan

Confessions of makeup artists: Funny moments in the studio


The wedding season is in full swing and it seems from dholkis to receptions and dinners, the list of events seems almost endless. While everything about a wedding is important, it is especially the designers and makeup artists who are the most sought after this season. Thus, we took the chance to speak to some of the most promising makeup artists in the city.

Just like any other art form, makeup is a way to express yourself to the world; they allow the world to critique their craft, almost leaving themselves vulnerable to others. But, there are funny or cute moments in the studio when makeup artists get rebooted. We talked to them just about that…


Khadija Chagani



Working as a makeup artist and celebrity stylist for brands and magazines, Khadija Chagani has been part of the beauty industry since the past 4 and a half years. Studied makeup from London College of Makeup, she had a lot to share, especially about celebrities.

“We were working with a famous celebrity and she did two things that day that make us go like…why? First, she told me that please don’t put anything on my cheeks because I got a treatment done so it’s red and I said sure. I just went to wash my blenders and when I came back, I saw her applying a tint to her cheeks and nose.
This was a major shoot for a popular magazine and we got her changed [to what she had worn for the shoot]. Throughout she was saying ‘no, will Sonam Kapoor dress like this? Will Sonam look like this, do you think Sonam will wear this? And we were like just be your own identity, you are you!”


Kiran Khan


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Sequins and sarcasm. ? Lips: @patmcgrathreal Mattetrance in Vendetta in the centre and @kryolanpk @kryolanofficial aqua liner as lip liner and @katvondbeauty vampira mixed in aswell around the edges. ? Accessories: also from @patmcgrathreal gotta use all the goodness Mother Pat puts in her packaging ? . Please tag : @patmcgrathreal in the comments so they can notice this photo ? . . Creativity: Kiran Khan with the help of Masoomeh Noori ❤️ Photographer: Umair . #kirankhanmakeup #kirankhanstudio #kirankhanbrides #makeup #makeuplife #makeupdaily #makeupartist #makeuptransformation #makeupparty #contouring #highlighting #blush #lipstick #makeuplife #makeuplooks #glamdolls #makwupinspo #makeuponfleek #glamlife #flawless #wedding #weddingseason #desiwedding #pakistaniweddings #asianbride #weddingmakeup #hair #hairstyle #curls #loose #messyhairstyle

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Kiran Khan, who could be slated as the pioneer of home-based makeup artists ventured out almost 4 years ago. On their wedding day, brides can be extremely vulnerable and nervous and the makeup maestro has a similar experience to share.

“So, I once had a bride who came here with her mom. I did the bride’s makeup and after everything was done on her, I hear a crunching sound from the back. The bride was eating an apple straight from the fruit, without cutting in slices! When I saw that I was like ‘please don’t eat an apple, your makeup will get ruined, your lipstick will bleed everywhere.’ And her mother says, “she eats a lot when she’s nervous,” I remember it so vividly. But, it was a cute story, mothers are always protective about their children and the  bride I am sure didn’t even think about the makeup because she was nervous.”


Qirat Baber


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HIIII!! is dhulan walay pose say I thought I’ll just talk about the entire wedding season, friends, neighbours, dur k rishtedar, rishtedar, dur k rishtedaroun k bhi rishtedar sab are getting married, INSANE!! I just want to ask all the single ladies here like me ofcourse ? how often do you get questions like kab ker rahe ho shaadi? Even if you message a long lost friend saying something that only thing they’ll reply back saying is baat paaki hogaye? Aray nai bhai ?? ANYWAY I just came here to tell all those girls feeling weird and lonely and frustrated ‘Apna time ayega’ ( my love for ranveer so had to) jokes apart leave it on God, I know it’s easier said then done but Allah has bigger plans for all of us and I know it! He loves us 70 times more than a mother why would He not think about us? ?? also, please STOP asking someone why they aren’t married as yet, it’s not something that in their hands or control, Matlab please think? . . Anyway! Thank you for the amazing support as always! I love you guys ?❤️

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Qirat Baber, who discovered her passion for makeup six years ago, decided to do what she loves for a living until three years back. Having taken makeup classes from makeup gurus like Huda Beauty and Illamasqua, she shared what makes her feel really awkward yet funny in the studio.

“When you’re doing a client’s makeup and you’re just in their face and you know that they are staring right at you. You just think like ‘is there something on my face, something in my teeth?’ And you’re just like…’why are they looking at me?’ It’s really hard to tell them to not look at you but it’s really uncomfortable and funny. Mmm.. can you just look away or look somewhere else?” she chuckled.


Anam Farooq Khan



Anam Farooq Khan – famous for her bridal makeup at Tariq Amin Studio, Karachi- dropped out of art college in order to pursue her passion; makeup. Anam, who initially worked as a freelancer, joined Tariq Amin right years ago and now plans to open her own studio this year. With many funny experiences, there are moments that make you realize why you do what you do and restore your faith. Anam shared one such experience;

“Some of my most memorable/funniest moments all stem from the little secrets exchanged between my clients and I while they’re in the chair. Though not a funny incident but one I recall as being the fondest was when a little girl accompanying her mum, sat silently, attentively observing me as I worked on her mother. She sat mesmerized, while her mother told me she [daughter] had dreams of growing up to be a makeup artist. As I finished, she looked up at her mother and said “you look beautiful”- those three words tugged at my heartstrings, making me feel like I was on top of the world. There is no mind as pure as that of a child’s, and no greater compliment ever bestowed upon me,” she concluded.

When asked about the one misconception people have about makeup artists, they unanimously agreed that “clients expect them to be magicians, dermatologists, and skincare specialists. They expect the makeup artist to somehow remove any pigmentation, blemishes, acne marks and so forth which is humanly not possible, makeup cannot conceal everything and there is no such thing as a ‘flawless skin’, we all have flaws.”



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