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23 Jan

Confirmed: Humayun Saeed & Fahad Mustafa will reunite for JPNA3

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani has become perhaps Pakistan’s greatest film franchise of all time, thanks to a nearly 70-crore run of JPNA2 at the box office. Naturally, fans are super-excited for the next installment which, producer and lead actor Humayun Saeed said was definitely happening.

And now, Humayun has also confirmed that Fahad Mustafa — who had a central role in JPNA2 — will be seen in JPNA3 as well. Both Humayun and Fahad are currently on a cruise vacation along with JPNA director Nadeem Baig, writer and actor Vasay Chaudhry and co-star Ahmad Ali Butt. Although they are there to celebrate friend and co-producer Salman Iqbal’s wedding anniversary, Humayun and co are also actively discussing JPNA3 as is evident from this Instagram post:



We reached out to Humayun to ask if this was actually true to which he responded, “Yes. It’s definitely happening.” He also acknowledged that Fahad will be a part of the film.

Well, this is certainly very exciting. Stay tuned, we will be getting you more exclusive information on the project soon.


hassan choudary