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23 Sep

Curtain raiser to the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2017

The PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week, scheduled to take place in Lahore between October 14 and 16 next month, is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious bridal couture platforms in the country. Several years into its consistent existence, it has been a stage for bridal fashion, but as the word ‘fashion’ dictates, it is driven by designer creativity and innovation as opposed to commercial demand and supply. That’s not to say that every one who shows at the PLBW is a bona fide innovator, but having names like Sana Safinaz, Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, Sania Maskatiya and other regular designers on the lineup does guarantee a certain level of quality style.

While several fashion week regulars including Elan, The House of Kamiar Rokni, HSY, Zara Shahjahan and Karma are not showing at the PLBW this year, there are names and noteworthy changes and developments that are exciting…

Change of venue

The PLBW has been taking place at the Faletti’s for several years, before which it was held at the Royal Palm Country Club for a year or two. This year the venue has been shifted to the Nishat Hotel next to the Expo Centre where the Spring/Summer edition of fashion week is held. This space is apparently better and much more fashion week friendly.

Show direction



London based Sadia Siddiqui stepped into the picture earlier this year when she was brought in as show director for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and she is back as Creative Director of the PLBW. We hear that the council is also flying in 16 international models to complement the pool of 15 local models.

The previous PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week had two separate show areas, allowing breaks/breathers between all shows and we have reason to believe that this time will be the same.


Despite the absence of several big names we are looking at some serious fashion heavy weights in Lahore. Wasim Khan’s return to the runway has to be the most exciting news around fashion week and while one doesn’t know whether he’s making a comeback to fashion or whether it’s a one-time occurrence, we know enough of Wasim Khan to guarantee that his show will be a show-stopper!



Sana Safinaz just showed in Karachi and they’ll be back with another collection in Lahore. Ali Xeeshan, who’s also been announced as L’Oreal’s ambassador for fashion this year, will probably be doing one of the finales. Then we’re hearing of Sania Maskatiya, Misha Lakhani, Nomi Ansari, Fahad Hussayn, Shamsha Hashwani, Saira Shakira and Nickie Nina.

There is a spate of relatively new designers on the lineup as well but their shows have been kept in the first segment, earlier in the evening. Young designers need to work harder to get the press excited about attending their shows and this is a good way of ensuring that they put in that extra effort. It’s good that they haven’t been lumped with the gala shows.

The one new name to be in the gala schedule is Sadaf Fawad Khan but then that name is enough to merit a slot up there.

On the whole the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week is looking good but as always, the final verdict on fashion week will be dependent on the merit of the collections shown. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.



Aamna Haider Isani

The author is Editor-in-Chief at Something Haute as well as Editor at Instep, The News. Full time writer, critic with a love for words and an intolerance for typos.

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