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6 Oct

#DaaghonKaChampion resolves the 72 hours stain hijack across media

If you noticed a mysterious stain hijacking your TV screens and Instagram feeds and wondered what that is, you are not alone! Various odd looking brown stains appeared on TV screens and Instagram feeds for 10-15 seconds, reappearing after every 15 minutes on multiple news channels and also on various social media platforms, leaving viewers curious.

While many people tried to remove the stains by changing the channel and repeatedly, refreshing their newsfeeds, the tough stains were not easy to remove. One also came across snippets of newscasters and TV hosts who could be seen struggling to remove the stain as it didn’t allow them to proceed with their segment. Even after multiple attempts, they couldn’t remove the daaghs.



Surf Excel finally arrived as the #DaaghonKaChampion, removing all pesky stains in one go. The campaign reveal was made when snippets of newscasters and TV hosts were uploaded on Instagram, showing their struggle to remove the stain. After multiple removal attempts, they called out for a ‘champion’ where a Surf Excel branded tornado took over the screen, eradicating all stains in one go. As some twitteraties had guessed on the top trend of #WhatTheDaagh, the strange digital “daagh” that has taken the media by storm was a part of Surf Excel’s campaign. Its aim was to highlight the stubborn stains on our clothes that get dried up and are almost impossible to remove.

Pakistani celebrities including Momal Sheikh, Sunita Marshall, Ayeza Khan and Kinza Hashmi’s screens were also taken over by the “daagh” as it hijacked their Instagram videos, with comments pouring in about the stain.

Surf Excel launched this innovative and highly engaging campaign to introduce its new stain lifter technology, which is capable of removing stains that are up to 100 hours old – no matter what condition, be it dried up or dark and nasty. Surf Excel’s new and updated formula establishes it as the one and only  #DaaghonKaChampion that anyone can truly rely on!



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