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10 Sep

‘Daasi’ gets a release date


With the beginning of last quarter of the year, it’s time to welcome new television content. One drama which is soon to hit the small screen is Mawra Hocane and Adeel Husain’s Daasi. We have seen Mawra in a stellar role in Aangan recently, but Adeel is returning to the screen after a bit of a hiatus. Well… fret not as you don’t have to wait anymore as the release date of the drama is out!

Daasi will begin from 16th September and it will air every Monday at 8 pm on HUM TV. Something Haute has learnt that the drama is a full-fledged love story with a strong and intense romantic track. That’s a good news for the fans of both actors as they will be seen together for the first time as a couple.

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In an exclusive conversation, Mawra also shared details about her character in the play. “Sunehri is a loud, colorful, vibrant and bright character as opposed to what I’ve done in all these years. She’s full of laughter and fun, and finally I won’t be crying in a drama!” she said.



Adeel also revealed why he chose Daasi to return to small screen. “Daasi is a very interesting story. You look for something different in dramas, and it is an interesting run-away story; people run from their lives to safeguard themselves from some things, or to fix some thing, and Daasi has those concepts. It’s got a lot of shades in it; there’s a bit of a love story, but there’s also two individuals whose lives go through important developments, it’s a story about two different ends of a city,” he shared.

Something Haute recently met with the two actors and got an exclusive coverage of an outdoor shoot of Daasi. You can watch the video to find out why Mawra kept the project under wraps for so long and what’s the reason behind Adeel Husain’s break from acting:




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