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3 Feb

Danyal Zafar fuses contemporary tunes with qawwali in ‘So Long, Goodbye’

Danyal Zafar

With a spirit to experiment and introduce unique musical compositions, Danyal Zafar has released second track titled So Long, Goodbye from his debut album Blue Butterfly.

Younger brother of singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar, Danyal Zafar is driven to introduce newer kinds of music to Pakistani audiences. The first half of his recent attempt So Long, Goodbye boasts of English lyrics; which he has mixed with contemporary tunes. The composition takes a U-turn midway and the song turns into a qawwali with Punjabi lyrics.

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Directed and produced by Danyal himself, the song showcases the singer’s versatility even in the visual medium. The video represents the two halves of the song aptly by creating a fusion like never before. Danyal is one of the first singers in Pakistan who is mixing hip-hop, R&B beats with qawwali.

He has released two songs earlier, title track Blue Butterfly and a single Ek Aur Ek 3, both of which were romantic ballads done in a new style with raunchy and risqué themes in play.

You can watch So Long, Goodbye here:



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