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2 Apr

Deewangi: Is Nageen the strong-willed female protagonist we need?


Power and politics are some of the key elements in several 7th Sky Entertainment projects, and Deewangi is one of its prime example. The story revolves around a rich and entitled Sultan Durrani (Danish Taimoor) who won’t even spare the love of his life Nageen Faiyaz (Hiba Bukhari) because she has once rejected him publicly and slapped him.

Poor Nageen bears the brunt of defending her honor in the worst way imaginable. Sultan accepts her apologies, pretend-dates her, sends a proposal and then when she finally starts trusting him, he shakes the ground beneath her feet. He gets her abducted before her wedding day and then eventually releases her, albeit having ruined her reputation. All this to take revenge of that one slap which was a result of his own obsession and stalking.



What sets Deewangi apart is the strong and resilient Nageen who doesn’t back off. She confronts Sultan and gives him a piece of her mind. She doesn’t surrender to the circumstances and wail on her fate; rather she stands up and starts fresh. She leaves her home and travels to another city to get a new job and close this tragic chapter of her life. However, will she be able to do it without any help? Enters Haroon (Ali Abbas), a young crime reporter who falls in love with Nageen at first sight.

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It is Haroon’s tough luck that Nageen is unable to trust any man in her life now. She believes that people rarely show their true self and hence she is keen to not invest in any emotional connection. One particular scene that makes matters more interesting is when Haroon tells his younger sister about the qualities he seeks in his wife: ‘Uska character saaf ho… jiski zindagi ma mein wahid mard houn… jitni bhi muhabbat krni ha, wo mujhse karay’ [a girl with a spotless character… I want to be the only man in her life… and she reserves all her love for me].



This is a clear hint that he doesn’t expect Nageen to have a past as twisted as Sultan Durrani and an abduction. However, Nageen’s character is quite inspirational indeed (with the exception of her shortsightedness when she secretly gives half her salary to a wicked sister-in-law in hopes that she will treat her well). Throughout the 16 episodes, she is shown to possess the ability to fight her own battles — first she expertly tackles her greedy and cruel brother-in-law, then she earns a living to survive and finally breaks free from the life of dependence. She also puts Sultan in his place when she rejects him even after his vindictive game.



Now that Sultan has married his cosin Narmeen (Zoya Nasir), he should forget Nageen but he has unresolved feelings for her. We also see in the promo of the next episode that Sultan is keen on finding Nageen to apologize, however his friend and grandmother both ask him if he is in love with her and wants to see her.



This has left us wondering will Nageen forgive Sultan for his toxic love or will she trust Haroon this time? We are more intrigued to find out how Sultan will make peace with his feelings? Nonetheless, there is a strong chance that Nageen and Sultan’s second encounter will be as tragic as the first.

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