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29 Apr

Did you know? Khaani is a smash hit in Saudi Arabia

Feroze Khan

Soon after former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry announced that Pakistani dramas will be dubbed in Arabic to be telecast in Saudi Arabia, the names of a number of old Pakistani plays have surfaced. Recently we came to know that one of the most hyped and appreciated dramas of last year — Khaani — is airing in Saudi Arabia and that too on prime time slot.

In an exclusive conversation with Something Haute, Feroze Khan was ecstatic to share that he is receiving so much love after Khaani has started airing in KSA.

“I have received immense praise from Saudia Arabia since Khaani started airing there. They have translated my play in Arabic and it is a delight to know that it’s airing on prime time,” he said.

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Khaani may have been the first contemporary drama to be dubbed and aired overseas as so far only old PTV plays such as Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyaan were announced to be aired, with the former scheduled for June with Arabic subtitles.



“Arabic dubbing has opened more avenues as people not only from Saudi Arabia but Palestine are watching it. Now it will reach to a wider audience in the Middle Eastern regions as well,” Feroze said.

When asked if he would like Dil Kiya Karay to be translated and aired as well, Feroze hoped that “not just his dramas, but more people will watch Pakistani dramas now and we have transcended many boundaries by tapping into another language.”

We surely hope that Feroze receives much more votes for his LSA nomination for Khaani after it has reached new audiences. Here’s a snippet of Khaani airing on MBC Bollywood.



Syeda Zehra

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