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19 Sep

Why ‘Dil Nawaz’ has us intrigued

dil nawaz

When a majority of our shows are still revolving around the tragic female role, dramatic love triangles or the saas-bahu saga, it’s always a relief to see a new genre being taken into account. Which is why we decided to watch A-Plus Entertainment’s latest show, Dil Nawaz, which is a take on the suspense/horror genre.

The first episode introduced us to the three main families, who are a part of the plot. We have Aijaz Aslam, his wife and two kids who have moved into a new house, which is obviously haunted by some spirit. Their neighbours are two sisters, one of them being Zainab Qayyum, who is evidently into black magic and have some ulterior motive involved in getting the family to leave the house.

Next is Minal Khan who is consistently being pressurized by her mother to get married. What her mother is unaware of is that Minal is already involved with her friend and neighbour, who too is being pestered by his mother to marry a cousin. The couple gives a much-needed lighthearted comic relief to the story, while on the other hand, we see the haunted happenings in a household.

The end of the episode shows Neelam Muneer’s eerie entrance, as some sort of supernatural being with gleaming cat-like eyes. She comes into the picture at a climactic moment, leaving Aijaz Aslam bewildered at the sight of her, and rightly so! Even we were creeped out by Neelam’s acting skills!

The first episode has left us with a lot of questions- what is the link between Minal and her beau, and Aijaz’s family and their house? What do ZQ and her sister want from the family? Is Neelam Muneer the witch haunting the house? We will be watching more, to take us away from everyday soaps that have now gotten monotonous!

You can watch the first episode below, if you haven’t already:

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