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7 Sep

Is there a cursed romance brewing between Gohar & Sameer?

Twelve episodes in, drama serial Ishq Zahe Naseeb – with all its twists and turns – is turning out to be quite a riveting watch. Essentially the story of Gohar (Sonya Hussyn) and Kashif (Sami Khan), we see the plot begin with the two protagonists and then how their lives deviate and start running in parallel. As predicted by a fortune teller, their lives are very similar to one another – almost mirror images – but we don’t know whether they will ever get back together or not.

In yesterday’s episode, we see Kashif happily settled in his new job, where he has managed to take an advance big enough to afford his sister’s wedding. His immediate boss, Donya Jabbar, is no longer the tyrant we were introduced to; she has started warming up to Kashif so there’s that bond in the making. Gohar, at the other end, is in a similar situation as her boss, Sameer (Zahid Ahmed), has also paid off her loan thus freeing her from marrying her lousy cousin, Jahangir. And Sameer has also – more or less – dropped the tyrannical persona and has warmed up to Gohar. He has actually, visibly grown very fond of her and one wonders whether there is romance for Gohar and Sameer on the cards.

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Gohar and Sameer’s relationship reminds one of a Barbara Cartland novel. He is the tall, rich and powerful man of the manor – the ideal man – except for his one fatal flaw. Cartland’s hero would have a scar across his jawline, a limp or a physical aberration that actually made him more mysteriously attractive. Sameer’s flaw is more psychological, and more deadly. It threatens to ruin Gohar’s life, were she to fall in love with him, which the OST suggests that she does. She too fits into the role of a classic Cartland heroine – the young, naive, beautiful governess.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb promises to get even more intriguing; one just hopes it isn’t ruined by unnecessary scene extensions (like the useless scene between Gohar’s mother and sister in law) or production inconsistencies (if Sameer’s driver was unwell, then who was driving him and Gohar when dropping the girl home?).

You can watch the latest episode here, while we look forward to the next one…



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