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30 Dec

Dolmen Shopping Festival is back with tons of amazing offers

To each their own, the popular saying rightly applies to all. Our style can very much be called our fashion signature!

However, there is no one who knows more about signature styles than the good old Dolmen Malls. The three malls are celebrating their signature event, Dolmen Shopping Festival, which has turned 26 this year. All the malls are lit up with the magic of not just eye-popping festivities, such as carnival games, Dolmen draws, grand prizes and super sales but also new collections, winter, wedding and festive wear.

No matter what your style, all of us are bound to have fashion emergencies at some point in our life. Here are the top five fashion emergencies among hundreds that Dolmen Malls can solve for you in a jiffy:


Dolmen malls


Five steps out of your house all dressed up and crack! Your only matching heel broke – Yes, all of us have been a victim to this. Our thinking capabilities seem to leave us at that specific moment too. So here we are, reminding you to make a quick stop at Dolmen Malls, head straight to one the various outlets such as Sulafah, Charles & Keith, Stylo, Shoe Planet, Debenhams or Pedro to find your perfect heel.


Dolmen malls


Already halfway in the car and your best friend finally replies, only to give the suggestion of adding a crucial accessory to complete the look, raising alarms! A stop over at Dolmen Malls and your options are unlimited – Claire’s, Mango, Mantra, Outfitters and so many more to pick your signature accessory from.


Dolmen malls


Your confidence is drowning the more you look in to the mirror so get your hands on makeup products.


Dolmen malls


That shade of red is not what you want at all, red alert! On to the rescue: Dolmen Malls – Makeup Revolution, Beaute Collection, Maybelline are one of the many beauty spots which are bound to have your shade of red. If you still aren’t able to choose your shade, rely on the Zero Makeup Palette by Nabila’s available at Makeup City to rock any look with bare minimum makeup.


Dolmen malls


If there is one universal dialogue of every Pakistani, it is ‘mere paas kapray nahin hain!’ [I have nothing to wear!] How many times we have sat in front of our wardrobes just to stare at all the hangings for an hour straight, while coming up with creative excuses to reject each of them. Don’t be so hard on yourself; SAYA, Agha Noor, Unbeatable, Khaadi Khas, Huma Adnan and many more have their doors open for you to pick that perfect outfit which you’d never want to ignore.


Dolmen malls


Last but not the least, skin care buffs might stop functioning if their moisturizers and routine products are hitting the bottom, so take special care of yourself this winter and avail the DSF Super Sales at Body Shop, Scentsation, Saeed Ghani or feel free to swing by Carrefour to grab your favourite brand. Oh did we mention that Hyperstar has now become Carrefour? Well, now you know!


Dolmen malls


If you’re still confused about your signature style, do visit the Dolmen Shopping Festival in designer’s lounge. Dolmen has free beauty consultations and makeovers at the Lakme stall to assist you, while Nabila’s


Dolmen has free beauty consultations and makeovers at the Lakme stall to assist you, while Nabila, the maestro herself, will give expert advise on Zero makeup palette and the art of styling hair in shortest time with the magic curler. Get all your girlfriends to join you as it will be one luxury experience… while you pick and choose.


Dolmen malls


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