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21 May

Drama serial Mujhey Rung De highlights struggles of those from a broken family

There’s been an influx of social-issue based dramas in Pakistan in the past few years. And while most of these fail to establish a connection with the audience, newly launched TV channel LTN Family‘s drama serial Mujhey Rung De is certainly an exception.

Mujhey Rung De is an original LTN Family show, focusing primarily on family traditions of the wrong kind, cultural pressures, and religious values. The story revolves around Eshal (Faira Sheikh), a young girl who was orphaned as a kid and has been brought up by her paternal aunt.



The show first introduces us to Shafin (Arman Ali Pasha), a religiously inclined guy with his heart in the right place. He thinks the right things, does the right things, and is an epitome of the good guy. We are also introduced to Eshal and her friends cum family, Kefiye, Daud, and Shanzay, who come across as a carefree bunch.


Actors Arman Ali Pasha and Faria Sheikh as Shafin and Eshal


The show then takes us back a decade to tell us the back story of Eshal and her aunt Umme (Raheela Agha). It is revealed that Eshal’s parents and her aunt and uncle were married in the form of watta-satta (exchange marriages),meaning that Eshal’s mother was married to her father in exchange of her aunt, Umme, being married to her maternal uncle, Ahsan Khan.

Ahsan Khan then divorced Umme following the death of his sister and her husband, Eshal’s parents, in a car accident. He believed Umme to be the harbinger of bad luck to the family and blamed her for the death of his sister. Umme is subsequently asked to leave the house, and takes her niece, Eshal, with her.


Raheela Agha as Eshal’s aunt, Umme


The story takes place 10 years after Umme’s divorce, with Eshal returning from London, having spent the last 10 years in London; chronicling her return to Pakistan and all the negative elements that await her there.

Four episodes of the drama have already been aired with it garnering mostly positive reviews and taking the viewers on a journey into the world of pressing cultural and traditional values and the struggles of being a part of a broken family. The show is running successfully on LTN Family with viewers appreciating how such a sensitive topic is being explored.

Written by Uzma Kamran, directed by Syed Irshad Ali, and produced by Irfan Ullah, Mujhey Rung De airs on LTN Family every Saturday at 8:00 pm. The cast includes Qavi Khan, Mohsin Ali, Saima Saleem, Waqar Ahmed Khan, Farah Hussain, Faria Sheikh, Samina Butt, Arman Ali Pasha and Dua Khan.

LTN Family is a new entertainment channel which is currently airing seven original programs.

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