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30 Jun

edenrobe Beauty’s new range of deodorants are perfect to #GetNoticed

edenrobe Beauty is edenrobe’s latest venture, encapsulating the essence of feeling beautiful. With a range of fragrances in their line, edenrobe Beauty is all set to add more feathers to their cap.

Ever felt like the odd one out or the one friend that gets left out from the lot? Ever had the feeling of just being like a plastic bag in life, drifting around with no one noticing you for more than a second? All of us have been through phases in life when we crave attention; it’s always nice to feel noticed, isn’t it? Well… fret not as edenrobe Beauty’s Idio deodorant line, which features five variants, out of which three are for men and two are for women, claims to be the perfect way to #GetNoticed this summer!


Seeking attention by trying to fit in? Nah! Want to #GetNoticed for real?Stay tuned!#edenrobe #edenrobeBEAUTY

Gepostet von edenrobe beauty am Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019


And with the yearning to be noticed, we all have also pulled some stunts for that tiny bit of attention. edenrobe Beauty’s latest campaign focuses on this relatable chunk of everyone’s lives, and has even got celebrities involved, with many of them sharing their personal stories of demanding attention and wanting to be noticed.


Planning to pull off a stunt to impress the crowd? No need for that! Bus IDIO lagao, notice main aao.Enjoy the second…

Gepostet von edenrobe beauty am Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019


Celebrities like Muneeb Butt, Minal Khan, and Yasir Hussain have also been intrigued by the idea of expressing your ways of getting noticed and have shared their own personal moments. The #GetNoticed hashtag was also noticed by many influencers who went ahead and shared their personal stories.


This is to all those who crave attention! How many times have you made an attempt to #GetNoticed?And how many times did it go wrong? 😀 Here’s Minal Khan [Official] sharing a funny story of her attempt to getting noticed.Enjoy the video. :)#edenrobe #edenrobeBEAUTY #minalkhan #muneebbutt

Gepostet von edenrobe beauty am Samstag, 15. Juni 2019


As a part of their launch campaign, the edenrobe Beauty team has come up with commercials that portray the real-life stories of the masses, which we’re sure a lot of us would relate to. Each commercial has a message that is sure to resonate with the audiences, and the #GetNoticed campaign is off to a great start!


Impressing a girl isn't easy. Even our celebs struggle to #GetNoticed by their significant others when it comes to creating impressions. 😁 After being nominated by Minal Khan, here's Muneeb Butt – Official sharing his story of making Aiman notice him. 😉 Enjoy the video. #edenrobe #edenrobeBEAUTY #muneebbutt #yasirhussain

Gepostet von edenrobe beauty am Montag, 17. Juni 2019



In fact, people love the deodorants as well for their fresh scents and different variants that give you choices to pick.

Head over to your nearest edenrobe outlets or edenrobe Beauty kiosk’s to check them out and get your favorite one!


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