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16 Mar

Ehd-e-Wafa finale advocates the alliance of four pillars of the state


The much-loved drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa wrapped up last night with a bumper episode and left us all emotional. It was indeed an emotional roller-coaster, one which had several bumps during the course of its journey, however the conclusion was a perfect blend of emotions, entertainment, unpredictability, pride and patriotism. Most importantly, it gave us a happy ending; one that we had longed for a long time!

The last episode covered tracks of all four friends and their respective love interests. Shahzain confessed his evil schemes in front of Rani, who in her signature light-hearted way asked him to keep a balance: Allah se maafi kaafi ha… baki sab izafi ha [it’s enough to ask for forgiveness from Allah, the rest is supplementary]. If that’s not all Rani also informed Shahzain that he is going to become a father through poetry. Shariq and Ramsha postponed their wedding as they wanted Shariq’s sister Ghazala api to join them. Gulzar also did the same; as he volunteered to fight on the frontlines alongside Saad. Dua got a transfer to Muzaffarabad CMA to stay closer to Saad who is at LOC. Sheheryar proposed to Masooma as well. Later we found out that SSG was meant to reunite once again as Shahzain was appointed the chairman of Kashmir Committee, Shariq went to cover unrest at LOC and Sheheryar tried to get his next posting in Muzaffarabad.




As expected, we got to witness some drama when Major Humayun (guest appearance by Humayun Saeed), narrated an account of Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan’s arrest and interrogation. Though the scene lacked finesse; military definitely has more resources than to place a DSLR on a table during confessions.



There were references to Indian jingoistic nationalism in form of movies (Balakot which was perhaps Uri) made prior to elections and the fantastic tea. There was also a Indian TV show ‘Let’s Talk’ where we saw Shahzain defending Pakistan’s stance in front of a verbose Indian news anchor.

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All’s well that ends well and surprisingly enough, ISPR and writer Mustafa Afridi let the audience rejoice when Saad didn’t embrace martyrdom (especially when Ahad Raza Mir just got married!). He was shot in a crossfire while rescuing one of his injured soldier and then had to carry him all the way to their post. He lost consciousness, a lot of blood and was later found by a rescue team (by his own dog — wasn’t the Golden Retriever Zorro or just a lookalike?)



Credit should be given to writer Mustafa Afridi, who seamlessly added hint of humour in some of the most complex or emotionally draining scenes. Gulzar’s lines were the finest in the last episode, particularly when Saad gave him dog tags and told him that he has named his son Salaar and wish for him to join the army as well. Gulzar reminded him that he had promised to arrange an Ataullah Esa Khelvi performance on his wedding and to dance together on Kameez Teri Kaali.



Also, the way Gulzar announed the news of Saad’s recovery made us happy even more. However, we have reservations about how a military hospital will let a captain’s pregnant wife Dua operate on him (even as an assistance). Isn’t there are issues of conflict of interest and emotional connection?




The last episode also put a strong emphasis on the right protocols to arrest an unarmed soldier of the enemy. It was laudable how the writer explained there shouldn’t be any form of physical or verbal abuse and mockery of his religion and color. His rank and designation should be taken into account while treating him and the safety of an unarmed soldier is more important if he is surrounded by a crowd of locals.

The drama didn’t only give us memorable male leads but some of the strongest female characters. Rani taught us to be the strength of your spouse and show him the right path, Dua showed us to never let anyone take the reins of your life, Masooma depicted how honesty and sheer hard work pays off and Ghazala portrayed how a woman should always stand her ground and lastly Ramsha showed us how to be fearless and ambitious.




Ehd-e-Wafa’s conclusion was an apt one when the famous fours of the SSG went back to their roots at Lawrence College and addressed young students. Saad was right when he said that “one man cannot change this country, we all have to stay united and work towards building the nation.” The drama sends out the same message that an army officer, a media person, a bureaucrat, a politician can work together towards a common goal. As Shahzain rightfully put: Friends are the family you choose, so choose wisely!

Ehd-e-Wafa finale was supposed to screen in selected cinemas across Pakistan but due to coronavirus pandemic, the screenings were cancelled.

Watch the last episode of Ehd-e-Wafa here:



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