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5 Jun

Eid checklist: Here’s everything you need before stepping out for all the dawatein

Lunches and dinners, followed by more lunches and dinners! Need to do a double check to see if you’ve ticked all the boxes for your whole Eid look? Well, we’ve made it easier for you with an Eid checklist.

Make sure you have ticked all these boxes before stepping out of the house for all the dawatein!





What’s Eid without some henna? Market places and salons alike are brimming with an influx of people all set and ready to get their mehndi applied on Chand Raat. There are also multitudes of designs to pick and choose from, it’s best to save a picture of the design you want and show it to the mehndi artists so you could get your desired henna art done without any fuss!





Wearing the right shoes that go with your Eid outfit is absolutely integral. They’ve got the power to make or break the entire look, so choose wisely. You could opt for some structured bock heels that are all the rage this season or even go for the traditional kolhapuris and khussas.





As Eid approaches, you know it’s time to bring out all your jewelry pieces to compliment your outfit, be it jhumkas, chandbaalis, payaals or necklaces. If Eid isn’t the most befitting occasion to go extra with your look, then what is?





To finish off your entire traditional Eid look, pair it up with some bangles. They can match your outfit or be in a contrast color too. Glass bangles or simple silver and gold steel ones, tell us what’s your pick?

How do you prepare for eid? Comment below!


Sara Zaman