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12 Oct

Élan is all set for its annual solo flight!

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Keeping up the tradition Khadijah Shah started last year with the solo showcase of Palais Indochine, Élan will once again be hosting a private show next week. Set to take place on Tuesday, the 17th of October, right after PFDC L’Oreal Fashion Week, Élan will unveil its latest bridal collection, Champs de Patchouli.

Champs de Patchouli, loosely translating into Patchouli Fields, invokes in me the memories of winter in my childhood; the aristocratic smell of Patchouli between my Grandmother’s freshly unpacked Indian shawls, distinctive yet soothing,” Khadijah Shah told Something Haute in a discussion about the collection.

But why choose to sit out PLBW and showcase right after, we asked Khadijah?

“We aren’t a part of PFDC because we aren’t a conventional show,” she informed us. “We are a live bridal couture installation coupled with Élan’s annual fashion’s night out! It’ll be a soirée, some great food and fun conversation…We kept it close so our Karachi fashion frat wouldn’t have to travel back and forth for the two events!”

That does make things more convenient for us, as well as give us more great fashion to look forward to. Élan’s grand show last year, with 51 handcrafted ensembles, was quite the spectacle, amazing us with their designs as well as setup. Hence, Élan has high expectations to follow up this time around too!

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Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.