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13 Jul

Ep 3: E-Sharp, Neon & Aarish won over judges’ hearts in Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Pepsi Battle of the Bands

Pepsi Battle of the Bands has finally marched into its competition zone with 12 bands that managed to win over the judges. These bands have been divided into two groups and from now on every episode will feature a musical fight between different bands. Six out of these 12 bands will make it to the next round, while the remaining will be in the danger zone.

Episode 3 kicked off a performance by Strings who sang Chal Para from their album 30, dedicated to their journey spanning over three decades. The battle between the contesting bands begin with E-Sharp and Skehlaaj setting the stage on fire with original tracks. Fawad Khan’s favourite E-Sharp performed Awami Mulazim which had a groovy tune. In response, Skehlaaj presented their original Motion with banging drum beats and guitar riffs. Fawad commented that E-Sharp’s songs are refreshing, entertaining and not monotonous which is good for a recall value. Skehlaaj lacks versatility according to the judges, and thus they went to the danger zone.



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Next in line was Neon that performed an unapologetically mean number Haddi Daal Do. Mousiqa in return performed Dhundun Kya. Unfortunately, judges weren’t happy with those the performances specially the lack of powerful lyrics. The judges agreed that vocally Neon has an edge whereas Mousiqa’s arrangements were far better. In the end, the verdict went into Neon’s favour.



The last melodious battle was between The Starzone and Aarish. The Starzone raised the bar high with Taaron Ki Roshni and Aarish gave a comeback with heart-touching Awaaz. With a heavy heart, Meesha announced that The Starzone is going in the danger zone. However, the lucky bunch were saved from elimination later.



Episode 3 concluded that E-Sharp, Neon and Aarish are moving on to the next round, while we will see the other six bands — Seismic Tremors, Marjaan, Auj, Uraan,  Black Hour and Jhoot — in the next episode battling it out on the stage.

Watch Pepsi Battle of the Bands every Saturday to find out who will win music’s biggest show! Enjoy the third episode here:



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