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17 Jun

Ep2: Mystery surrounds Zara Noor Abbas’ elopement in ‘Deewar-e-Shab’

The latest period drama that has got everyone talking is Deewar-e-Shab, and with the first episode ending on a cliffhanger, we knew we had to watch and find out the developments. The suspense in the first episode seemed to be apparent; Feroza (Zara Noor Abbas), the star attraction at Sitara Mehal had planned to elope while she went out to perform with her maternal aunt, Dildar.

However, the second episode started off with a twist, when we saw that Feroza had, in fact, come back to her house, probably owing to the fact that her mother, Sitara, had sent the house-help Shaama along with them.

Feroza is delightful to watch on screen as Zara has done complete justice to the character. Watching her as Feroza feels as though the character came naturally to her, with her pretty and innocent features coupled with that sweet voice. The second episode saw Feroza finally eloping with an undisclosed guy, in the hopes of a respectful and loving life outside the gates of Sitara Mehal.



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We have to say the fact that the story and its development is kept as vague as possible is only adding to the excitement of viewing this show. It already seems as though you can never tell what will transpire next. Where is Feroza headed to? Who is she with? What does she plan to do? We know nothing, except for the fact that she has a lover and she is on the run with him.  We can’t wait to see where Feroza’s story is headed!

Bushra Ansari in the role of Sitara Jehan, as Nagina and Feroza’s mother seems unpredictable in her performance delivery. At some instances, her expressions are on point, however, at other points she seems to miss the mark and overdo it. However, the way the two sisters, Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas, work in tandem with each other is commendable. Asma Abbas as the scheming Dildar has delivered a promising performance up until now, making sure the viewer knows exactly why Sitara and Feroza put their trust in her so easily; she is the perfect manipulative villain with her chameleon like acting.

The serial also has another story running in parallel to the one mentioned above, with Shaheen Khan playing the wicked role of Shakira, who seems to have an agenda against her in-laws. She is the epitome of the vile older brother’s wife who is selfish to the tee and has no concern for others around her. The story hasn’t progressed much further though, and we’re assuming that it will gain momentum in the coming episodes; there are quite a lot of promised characters yet to be unveiled after all.



Watch the second episode here:



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