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30 Mar

Epic love saga, Meherposh starring Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimoor, to debut on April 3

The wait is over, as Meherposh – an emotional love story with real life couple Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor in the lead – has been announced to debut on Friday, April 3. Teasers of the drama have already picked up a massive following, with people waiting anxiously to see the super popular and beautiful Ayeza Khan back on screen, and that too with real life beau, Danish Taimoor. Their on-screen chemistry speaks volumes on what the drama will offer in terms of love, turmoil and emotions.

What we’ve understood from the teasers is that the story revolves around the gorgeous Meher (Ayeza Khan) who lives nearby the young and handsome Shahjahan (Danish Taimoor) who appears to be completely smitten by her. Apparently unaware of his sentiments, she gets married to the best suitor, played by actor Ali Abbas. On the day of their wedding, Shahjahan makes a spectacle, belittling Mehru’s character and casting horrible allegations on her. He implies that she had an affair with him and led him on and then married someone else for money or power/position. He seems to say all this in a moment of madness but Mehru’s husband hears it all and completely disillusioned, he divorces Mehru on their wedding night. Okay, so that is a bit far fetched but it happens.



Mehru’s life is shattered and she loses the love and affection of her parents (played by veterans Sania Saeed and Rehan Sheikh) and she asks Shahjahan, who she considers a friend, to find the person who ruined her life. He tells he it was him, shattering her confidence and trust even more.

Meherposh’s melancholic OST, sung by Sahir Ali Bhagga, also reveals bits and pieces of the story, making it all the more compelling. Let’s wait and see how this takes off!

  • Meherposh is a 7th Sky Entertainment production, written by Misbah Nosheen and directed by Mazhar Moin. It will air on GEO at 8pm Prime Time on Friday, April 3.




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