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10 Jan

Everything you need to know about Maula Jutt 2

There are several exciting projects in the 2017 pipeline but the one that has us most excited is the Maula Jutt reboot, which has been in the works for almost two years but is finally gearing up for its final and most crucial phase.

There’s a lot of speculation regarding the film but here’s what you need to know about it…

1 Maula Jutt 2, the reboot (not remake, producers are insisting) of Sultan Rahi’s 1979 blockbuster, is being directed by Bilal Lashari and features Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Maula Jutt and Noori Natt respectively. With Bilal Lashari in the director’s seat we can be certain of it being technically and aesthetically sound.

1a Note: According to our sources, Fawad Khan has agreed to the film but HAS STILL NOT signed the contract.

2 The film will go on floors next week (January 15) and has an open schedule so we really can’t confirm how soon it will complete and release. Actions films take time, we are told.



3 Maula Jutt 2 will also have Ali Azmat on vocals so you can expect some heavy, hard rock happening on the soundtrack of this action film.

4 The leading ladies for the film are still unconfirmed, despite what was going around on the digital orbit this weekend. There are rumours of Mahira Khan and Humaima Malick being roped in but nothing is confirmed as yet. Reliable sources have quoted that these two leading ladies have not yet been signed on and negotiations are still underway.

5 Maula Jutt 2 is being presented as Pakistan’s most expensive action film ever made.

6 Stunts woman Tiger Rudge, who has worked on films like Rogue One (in cinemas now) has been engaged for the action sequences. Tiger and her partner Ian Van Temperley, who coordinated stunts for A Monster Calls, will both be working on Maula Jatt 2, Warrington Guardian confirms. “My partner is coordinating it and I’m assisting him so he’ll be off doing swords and I’ll be off doing the wire work and the gymnastics,” she said in an interview. “I’ve been thrown in the deep end here because as well as doubling for the female lead I’m also training the actors and directing the action. It’s full on. You normally take about six months to do what they want to do in two. “The sets that they’ve made are a bit like a cross between Troy and The Raid and the Bourne films. Everybody is involved in this film. We had a letter from the president of Pakistan telling the embassy to hurry up with our visas because they want to get cracking.”

Tiger said she is proud to be representing women positively with her work on Maula Jatt 2 – and if challenges perceptions then all the better. “How many girls will ever get to work there, never mind being a part of the action on a major movie?” she added. “Our work on Maula Jatt 2 will top off a great year. It’s been crazy. We’ve been to 13 countries this year alone.”

Watch this space for more updates on Maula Jutt 2




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