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7 Sep

Exclusive: Ameer Gilani talks about his passion for acting, Sabaat and a lot more

Ameer Gilani

Ameer Gilani is all the rage these days only after his performance in Sabaat. Though the actor has previously done a TV soap, it is worth appreciating that he made his place in the hearts of the audiences with his first drama serial and that too opposite phenomenal performances by Mawra Hocane and Sarah Khan. The actor loves the craft and is overwhelmed by the feedback he has received for Sabaat.

Team Something HauteĀ recently met him at his beautiful house in Islamabad and spoke to him about his experiences, goals and plans. Here are few excerpts from the interview:


You have done a TV soap before Sabaat, but the viewership for soaps is marginal so considering this as your debut project, how does it feel?

“That soap Log Kya Kahenge was more like a net practice for me and this (Sabaat) is like the real deal,” Ameer commented.


Being a practicing lawyer, how did he decide to start acting?

“I was always passionate about acting since childhood. I used to love watching actors on television; I found it cool. I was never academically inclined but I belong to a family of lawyers so they insisted that I complete my education so that I can at least join our own firm. I will also encourage everyone to acquire a degree and then pursue their passions. I don’t treat acting like a job; it is not my bread and butter, it is a passion,” he shared.


How did he land a role in Sabaat?

“I met our director Shehzad Kashmiri briefly while I was shooting for the soap. He was discussing that he is working on a new project for which he needs a young guy and would prefer to introduce a new face. He narrated the story as well and I was quite excited but I had no idea how to approach him for the role. Shehzad bhai advised me to loose weight and I started working on it, wishing that maybe the role will fall into my lap. Later, I got a call from Hum TV and then Shehzad bhai auditioned me. Even then he told me that if he didn’t like my performance in the first take, he will replace me.” he said.


How did he prepare for his role?

“For a new actor with no experience and connections in the industry, it was a blessing in disguise to get a role like Hassan. I have given my blood and sweat to this character and I was so exhausted after the shoot that I wondered how will I manage to work on something else. I could relate to Hassan on many levels as he is a new age boy who has many shades. Firstly, I lost almost 8 kilos for this role and then I read the script about three times. I was so invested in it that I didn’t take it as preparation for the role but as a learning experience. I never consciously prepared for it,” Ameer shared.

Watch the complete interview here to find out about his childhood, education, his experience working with Mawra and the turbulent journey of Hassan and Anaya in Sabaat:



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