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21 Mar

Exclusive: Feroze Khan’s wedding dates & details you need to know!

In a live Facebook conversation with Something Haute last month, Feroze Khan revealed that he’s in a serious relationship with someone outside of the Pakistani media industry and he will be tying the knot soon.

“I can’t reveal everything [about my personal life], but I am getting married soon,” Feroze said, revealing it on record for the very first time. “My wish is to do it quietly and without any extra attention of any sorts. Kaam, kaam hota hai, and personal is personal, I want to draw a line.”

There wasn’t a chance of that happening! Since he’s such a heartthrob with millions of fans tracking his every move, this could only serve as wishful thinking. As the day draws nearer, it has become almost impossible to get married ‘quietly’.

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So what can we tell you, other than the fact that his wedding is around the corner, literally.

Who is the bride?

Feroze Khan is getting married to Syeda Aliza Fatima Raza, a family friend, in an arranged marriage arrangement. He didn’t know her before the families blessed the rishta but once he got to know his young and very pretty fiancé, he quickly fell completely in love. We can assure you that he’s besotted and therefore very protective of her.


Feroze Khan is also following his lady love on Instagram!


The Sangeet

We can also confirm that festivities have begun in the Feroze Khan household, with friends and family flying in and congregating from all over the world. The actual wedding will begin with the Sangeet on March 26, in which several close celebrity friends are rumoured to be dancing/singing/performing. (You can follow us on Instagram for updates next week.)


The Wedding & Nikkah

Feroze and Aliza’s nikkah and wedding (rukhsati) will be on March 30 (IA) at a private venue in Karachi and while the groom is now too busy to be accessible (we want to give him some alone time), his manager confirms that the event will be heavily guarded and secured. We’ll be bringing you more details soon.


The Valima

There’s a break between the wedding and the valima, simply because he wants to give his bride the time and comfort of settling in so she can enjoy the valima, which will be held on April 3, also in Karachi.


There. We’ve given you essential wedding details and rest assured, there will be updates everyday. Stay tuned for more surprises!




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