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14 Sep

FPW’17 Exclusive Preview: Adnan Pardesy’s ‘Rivayat’ is a traditional dream

adnan pardesy

Adnan Pardesy is one of the few designers that is renowned for truly captivating both local and international spectators with a grandiose yet contemporary aesthetic. In a short span of time, the designer has successfully made a respectable brand that promises edge in one way or the other. The designer has always been at par with his collections, bridal couture or prêt, and we’re sure FPW Winter Festive 2017 is going to be nothing less than spectacular.

From the runways of FPW to the star-studded fashion weeks for PFDC, we have seen the finest of the designer’s artwork. In 2014, we saw the designer’s collection, Labyrinth, which drew inspiration from psychedelic patterns, playing with monochromatic whites, ivories, and blacks. The collection was indeed labyrinthine and showed a mix of Chinese florals, Kalamkari, Japanese Geisha patterns, Greek temple landscape imagery and Islamic geometric compositions on exquisite silks, crepes chiffon and net fabrics.

The brand has stayed true to its ethos and has always brought out traditional allure and elegance in their couture collection. Be it the intricate embroidery, classic silhouettes or richness of the jewel colours laid out on pure chiffons, Adnan Pardesy’s collection echoes tradition. And then of course the designer’s sleek collection from this year’s PSFW 2017, where we saw an eyeful of  single toned embroidery, texturing, weaving, cut work and geometric patterns. Adnan Pardesy has a distinct way with transforming his creative imagination into beautiful attire.


Adnan Pardesy over the years(L-R): Labyrinth 2014 – Bridal Couture 2015 – PSFW 2017.


This time for FPW Winter Festive, Adnan Pardesy is all set to unveil his collection titled Rivayat, which is a celebration of the splendour and beauty of timeless, traditional bridal wear.


A sneak-peek from Adnan Pardesy’s “Rivayat” Bridal Colection that is to be every bride’s dream come true.


The ensembles are exquisitely hand-woven and embroidered, accentuated by intricate sheer detailing, with every silhouette echoing its majestic decadence. The collection is indeed going to be every bride’s dream come true.



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