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9 May

Fact File: ErtuÄŸrul’s hottest actor, Cengiz Coskun

All of Pakistan is currently obsessed with DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul, a Turkish series that has recently started airing on PTV. It’s considered such a prime watch that even our PM Imran Khan has made a personal recommendation to watch it. ErtuÄŸrul, now in its fifth season on Netflix, has been trending on Number 1 in Pakistan and for good reason. The series loosely tracks back into the history of Turkey, starting in 1225AD and traces through events that ultimately led to the founding of the Ottoman Empire. It revolves around the character of the warrior, ErtuÄŸrul, played by Turkish actor Engin Altan Düzyatan. The story, though fictional, does adapt from history and it’s a combination of the history and the spectacular direction, acting and choreography that has made it so successful.

The gorgeous Turkish cast is definitely one reason why DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul is such an enjoyable watch. While most people are smitten by the character of ErtuÄŸrul, we felt that the hunk playing ErtuÄŸrul’s friend, Turgut Alp, is more than noteworthy.

Here are a few interesting details about the supremely good-looking Turkish actor, Cengiz Coskun:


1) He was a professional basketball player. He played the game professionally for 7 years. He played with Ulkerspor a basketball team in the Turkish league.




2) He is currently 38 and was born in Istanbul, Turkey, to Bulgarian immigrants. His dad was a machine worker and his mother was a housewife. Also, he graduated from the Marmara University sports department.




3) He started his acting and modelling career after winning a modelling contest in 2002, after which he went onto star in several shows and movies including Rüzgarlı Bahçe (2005), Nehir (2005), Candan Öte (2006) and many more.

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4) He started playing the role of Turgut Alp in the show DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul in 2014. It has been his most famous role to date. Boosting his popularity severely, his character became so well known that he was asked to return for the sequel to DiriliÅŸ: ErtuÄŸrul reprising his character Turgut Alp.




We know we’re obsessing over all these Turkish delights; so, which one is your favourite?


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